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'He has a broken heart': Harry's friend spoke about the experiences of the prince



Prince Harry's friend, journalist Tom Bradby, said that the grandson of Elizabeth II feels "broken" after leaving the royal family. He is very worried about strained relations with relatives, says OBOZREVATEL.

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However, according to Bradby, this does not prevent him from leading a happy life in the United States, because he is finally doing what he likes. This is reported by the publication People.

“I think Harry and Meghan are happy with their lives, because now they are doing what they like. However, Harry is heartbroken over the situation with his family, his heart is broken. You do not need to know this, but I think it is true, ”said Tom.

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He also spoke about the tensions between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William. As it turned out, there are still many mutual grievances and misunderstandings between relatives.

“I think the public desperately wants to be okay with them. They wish everyone was happy, but it is obvious that the situation has not been the same in the last year. This is by no means an easy and comfortable position. And I don't think that will ever change, ”said Bradby.

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