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Drawn for sweets: 5 products, addiction to which can talk about diseases


Source: IA Express News

Do you think only pregnant women have certain dietary preferences? This is a misconception, and you can easily understand it if you start keeping a diary of what you eat over a certain period. After analyzing the entries, find your “favorites”. And they will tell you if everything is in order with your health.

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Doctors say that the choice of certain dishes is largely due to the state of the body and nascent or progressive pathologies. IA "Express-News" offers you a list of five products that can tell you about certain illnesses that you suffer without even knowing about it.

1. Chocolate, cookies, cakes

If you feel like chewing on a bar of chocolate or treating yourself to a fresh cheesecake every now and then, then you're not just a confectionery addict with a sweet tooth. Your sugar cravings are likely due to an imbalance in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Because of this, your body is focused on the easy route to energy. And it doesn't do you any good. Sweets spoil the skin, hair, and fatty deposits grow treacherously on the hips and stomach. If your best snack is not a salad or at least a sandwich, but chocolate, it's time to visit your gastroenterologist and check your gastrointestinal tract.

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2. Pickles, Herring

Longed for salty? Well, if a pregnancy test shows a clear one line, or you are a man, you should be concerned about the health of the genitourinary system. An addiction to over-salting food speaks of latent inflammation. In addition, doctors believe that the need for salt is a consequence of metabolic disorders and a decrease in immunity.

3. Spices, seasonings, garlic, mustard

Do the dishes seem bland if not flavored with pepper or mustard? Do you love ginger and everything hot and spicy? This means that your body is sending you a distress signal. He clearly needs to overcome some kind of latent infection. The therapist and infectious disease specialist will be able to diagnose a possible disease or simply advise means to strengthen the immune system. Well, you, as a reasonable person, should understand that seasoning should not be eaten by “handfuls”, but added to food to obtain a new flavor.

4. Oil, seeds, nuts

Pod seeds and can not stop? Sometimes this product is considered a rescue from quitting smoking, but you can not abuse the sunflower kernels. Firstly, they badly damage teeth and can cause stomatitis. Well, and secondly, abound in oil. Cravings for seeds are often observed in people with vitamin E deficiency. There are more serious causes: short bowel syndrome, cystic fibrosis, pancreatitis. Love for nuts may indicate a lack of fat and calories.

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5. Yogurt, milk mousse, ice cream

Most often, a love of dairy products does not speak of pathologies, but sometimes their excessive use can be the result of acid reflux, heartburn and other ailments in which the esophagus is irritated. Cream products relieve irritation, bring a feeling of comfort and light coolness. Well, the mood is lifted if they have sugar and tasty additives like nuts, pieces of fruit and chocolate.

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