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Three men, three children: how do the 'exes' and the offspring of Christina Orbakaite live and do


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Christina Orbakaite is a bright person on the horizon of Russian music. Her creative parents have endowed her with many abilities. A talented beauty is also a hard worker. It is only natural that fans and reporters are interested in the details of her personal life. Moreover, since adulthood, and even earlier, serious passions are raging there, says the author of the blog Estrada for you on Yandex.Zen.

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One glance at this graceful blonde is enough to understand that her inner strength and dazzling charisma attracts men with magnetic force. And each of her serious hobbies left a mark in the artist's biography in the face of adored children.

Orbakaite's children are completely different, not similar either in appearance, character or habits. But when the family comes together at the same table, there is no greater grace.

The first common-law husband Vladimir Presnyakov Jr.

The romance of young lovers began before Christina came of age. Two star families, the parents of Christina Orbakaite and Volodya Presnyakov, did not resist and blessed them for a relationship, Christina moved to her lover. By the way, the marriage remained civil, even after the birth of Nikita's first child. After all, the eternally busy youth never reached the registry office.

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The connection between Orbakaite and Presnyakov Jr. was broken at the 11-year line for a banal reason. Volodya dreamed of a caring wife, cooking pickles, maintaining the warmth of the family hearth, awaiting the return of her husband. And the girl did not want to hear about anything except the stage, her career began to develop rapidly, there was almost no time left for her husband and baby. The wayward novice musician Presnyakov did not want to be just the husband of Christina Orbakaite and be in her shadow.

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Eldest son Nikita Presnyakov

Probably, fortunately, Nikita, the son of Christina Orbakaite and Vladimir Presnyakov, was born during the period of the creative formation of his parents. And although he was given little parental time and attention, the guy eagerly absorbed the atmosphere of creativity in which he grew up. Moreover, the great grandmother Alla Borisovna tried to deal with her grandson, allowing her to learn the basics of show business.

It is not surprising that Nikita was an excellent musician. Almost 30-year-old, a rebel by nature, he is passionate about rock and extreme, is the leader of the alternative group Multiverse.

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The video camera presented by my grandmother became a talisman. And after successfully passing the final exams at the New York Film Academy, Nikita made his film debut as an actor. However, directing and creating clips attracts Nikita most of all.

In the summer of 2017, the news about the wedding of Nikita Presnyakov and model Alena Krasnova thundered.

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Star guests have gathered in a luxurious restaurant near Moscow Barvikha. The action itself was stylized as a space theme, and the young people were serious about preparing for the celebration.

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Both followers and haters on the Web are watching the couple's personal life with interest. Everyone is impatiently waiting for the continuation of the star family in the person of the grandson of Christina Orbakaite and the great-grandson of the Prima Donna. And although Nikita and Alena hinted several times at a possible addition, while the couple lives under the motto "We are young and we live for our pleasure!"

Second common-law husband Ruslan Baysarov

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The next important event in the personal life of Christina Orbakaite was an affair with a successful Chechen businessman. The man was generous with compliments, attention, and gifts. The young woman could not resist the charm of the hot Caucasian horseman. Only now the passionate temperament of Baysarov did a disservice in the couple's relationship. Jealousy provoked aggression with assault. And Christina, in love, endured and put up for a long time.

Younger son Dani Baysarov

An incredible joy in this not formalized relationship was the birth of a baby, Dani's son. It so happened that for many years his name was associated with a scandal and litigation. Despite the fact that the actress tried to build a civilized relationship between father and son and did not oppose their communication, Baysarov stole the boyfriend from his mother. And only the signed agreement put everything in its place. Now the young man communicates with both parents.

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His track record includes training at the elite school “President” on Rublevka, at the music school “Gnessin Virtuosos”, at the Tsentaroi cadet school in the Chechen Republic under the supervision of Ramzan Kadyrov, at a private school in Oxford.

Now 22-year-old Dani officially lives and self-actualizes in London. He is engaged in creativity, even opened his own art therapy studio and tries himself as an artist. A positive guy with a stunning smile, he quickly and easily finds a common language with people, loves to read, especially about Harry Potter.

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In the personal life of Christina Orbakaite's son, everything is also in order. Dani is in a relationship with a girl named Maria, a student at one of the capital's universities. The guy has already introduced his beloved to the family, where she was warmly received. Apparently, the turn of the next wedding in the family of Christina Orbakaite is coming.

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The only official spouse Mikhail Zemtsov

In 2005, the star singer finally decided to put on a wedding dress and go down the aisle with her beloved.

Mikhail Zemtsov, an American businessman of Russian origin, became the first and only official husband of Christina Orbakaite. The couple met at a gala event, and Mikhail had no idea who Christina was.

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Christina is several years older than her husband. But good genes and excellent physical shape leave no chance for age-related changes. In 2012, the bonds were even stronger with the appearance of the daughter of Claudia.

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The only daughter - Klavdia Zemtsova

The only daughter of Kristina Orbakaite was born in love and harmony and received a name in honor of the great Claudia Shulzhenko, and from the famous grandmother - the affectionate nickname "Drop". Parents cherish and cherish their princess, and she tries in every possible way to please them with her successes.

The girl speaks 3 languages, draws, dances diligently, shows her vocal success.

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In early childhood, Klava began to show interest in ballet. Classes in the studio created a favorable environment for the development of the girl, and she is already doing a lot. Only her star mom is worried that her daughter often shows a difficult character, because of which she finds it difficult to get along with people. But the father brilliantly copes with the quirks of his beloved daughter.

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In addition to her siblings, Klavdia is friends with her aunt and uncle, Lisa and Harry Galkin, and loves to visit their family castle. And the stellar heiress has her own microblog on Instagram, where she regularly posts photo reports from significant events.

By the way, the age difference between the older and younger children of Christina Orbakaite is enormous - 20 years. But despite this fact, the guys simply adore each other and constantly communicate on the Web, because everyone lives in different cities and countries, and they often fail to see each other.

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