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Trick-or-Treat: how Halloween is traditionally celebrated in America


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Halloween was thought up not at all in the USA, but in Ireland. But since America is inhabited by immigrants from many different countries, among which are dominated by European ones, the tradition to celebrate this holiday quickly took root and closely intertwined with American culture. According to statistics, before Halloween and directly 31 of October, Americans make almost as many purchases as on Christmas Eve.



The word "Halloween" itself, apparently, came from the name All Hallows Even - That is how the evening on the eve of All Saints Day was originally called by the British, Irish and Scots. The roots of the holiday go back in time: the ancestors of the modern inhabitants of Great Britain during the autumn transition between October and November celebrated the pagan holiday of the Celts Samhain. Its celebration began three days before the end of November and lasted three more days after, including the October 31 day itself. And, of course, the night, which was associated with the theme of death and the other world. In the eighth century, Samhain fades into the background, and it is gradually replaced by November 1 - All Saints Day. As a result of the interweaving of cultures from mixing holidays over several centuries, modern Halloween has appeared.


Flashlight jack

Jack-o'-lantern - one of the most ancient symbols of the holiday, the mention of which dates back to 1837 year. Modern Americans with great pleasure buy pumpkins of different sizes, cut out the flesh and cut into the skin of the eyes, nose, smile and other elements of the future lantern, which should symbolize the fire, repelling evil forces. It certainly needs to be put on the threshold of the house, or at least put on a window or balcony. Residents of the United States put pumpkins with lit lights not only on the rapids, but also decorate their yard, garden, apartment, and even take with them for walks on autumn evenings.


Many residents of the countries of the former CIS in feature films more than once could see how children walk in smart suits from home and beg for sweets. This tradition dates back to the Middle Ages - then such processions were performed on Christmas. Initially, poor British and Irish people went to their homes, promising to pray for the deceased loved ones of the house in exchange for sweets. Now everything is much more fun - children bypass neighbors and cheerfully threaten to harm them a little if they do not immediately receive goodies. In Russian, the phrase is translated as "sweetness or nasty". But neighbors are not everything. Little Americans go around shops, beauty salons and even laundries, and everywhere they are happily showered with delicious sweets. And at home it is customary to bake cakes and cookies in the form of pumpkins, monsters, ghosts, or, for example, severed fingers.


Dresses, wigs and decorations

The main message of carnival costumes is that the more you frighten evil spirits, the less it will want to harm you and your family. Therefore, Americans show all their imagination and creativity, coming up with Halloween outfits. As a rule, costumes depict ghosts, vampires, fairy-tale characters and heroes of horror films, skeletons, witches, werewolves and other evil spirits are always relevant. More than half of US residents buy carnival costumes for Halloween, and an impressive proportion of Americans rent them.


Costume parade

The biggest Halloween parade traditionally takes place on October 31 in New York. And shortly before that, more modest, but no less attractive Halloween processions were held there, for example, recently a parade of dogs was held in charming costumes on a variety of topics. Halloween procession begins around seven or eight in the evening. It is possible that your city also organizes something similar! Anyone can participate - just dress up in a bright costume or mask and join the crowd. An excellent reason to show creativity: you can turn into anyone, apply the most incredible makeup, and everyone will be delighted with you.

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