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Three types of men who do not strain while you provide a life together


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There are three types of men from whom it will never, under any circumstances, be able to receive financial support. I am not talking about the content now, but at least about the equal contribution. A woman in such relationships plows like a papacarlo, and a man does not particularly strain. What kind of men are we talking about? Blogger Tells Obozrevatel Marcelo Moreno.

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One woman for several years was convinced that her husband was impotent. That his sexual function faded irrevocably, as well as performance. In the apartment they had not had a major overhaul for a thousand years, the ceiling was leaking, the crane was dripping, and the furniture was breaking. In response to talk of repairs, her husband complained of a lack of cash. And the woman, in memory of the past, continued to pay for food, household chemicals and utility bills.

In this whole story there would be nothing wrong if it were not for the tragic ending. It turned out that all this time the husband was saving money for the construction of a joint house with his mistress. Framed on her, lover's name. And when the construction was finally completed, the husband joyfully dumped into the sunset. It turned out that his wife was just a way of saving for him.

Alas, many women sometimes need a reality relations manager. They live in the illusion that their man loves them very much, he is simply miserable and weak, and he does not have money for any elementary gifts and signs of attention. In fact, they are just a convenient stage in the life of a man. A way to save strength and means for a real life with a beloved woman. Faced with this is very scary and bitter. But it happens.

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He has a weak financial constitution.

Yes, that happens too. We recognize that innate characteristics very much affect our figure, no matter how we kill in the gym. And from a cold northerner with a weak sexual constitution does not make a hero-lover. With money, a similar story. Some men are simply not made to make money, at least do something with them. They can be wonderful husbands, lovers, friends, fathers to children. But the question of money will always remain on them in 135th place, after ironing the cat and playing tanks. Even under the threat of divorce, such a man is unlikely to be able to earn more, the maximum will spoil his health and nerves.

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First you need to honestly answer your question: did this man ever make a lot of money? And is it striving for this? Have you taken any steps to come to a state of financial stability? Is able to not only earn, but also invest wisely? If not, then maybe you should not hope that this poodle will suddenly turn into a Doberman?

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He is a parasite consumer

Such a man starts up in a woman’s life in much the same way as a parasite in the intestine. If you do not delve into the essence of the matter, then it seems that everything is fine. But the woman next to this man for some reason weakens, becomes dizzy, loses weight (or, on the contrary, unexpectedly begins to recover much) and is constantly in stress, in a state of survival.

Such a man cannot be called stupid or weak-willed. The problem is different. A person consciously or unconsciously uses another, as a parasite uses the nutrient juices of a donor sitting in his intestines.

Distinguishing a parasite husband is quite simple. As soon as a woman for some reason cannot effectively care for him, for example, due to illness, a terrible discontent begins. Such a man will whine and hide under a rug, demanding raspberry jam, seeing the number 37,7 on the thermometer. At the same time, he will scream and grumble that his wife, who was almost at death, did not cook dinner for him and did not wash the laundry.

He is able to bring a woman a very modest salary, but at the same time demand from her material investments in the family, a three-course meal, childcare and constant work for his benefit. Such a man is not something that cannot earn. It's just that the parasitic model “everyone owes me” is so tightly sewn into his brain that he does not accept any other scenario of a relationship with a woman. Including, in the material sense.

Do you agree with the presented types? Do you have such friends in reality?

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