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Three pairs of Kate Middleton shoes that cost less than $ 100


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Duchess Kate Middleton is considered to be a trendsetter. If Kate appeared in something new and interesting, the fans immediately begin to look for trademarks and cost. But not to criticize, but to acquire the same for myself. The effect, due to which many trademarks are ready to sell their souls to the devil, is called “The Kate Effect”. Everything that the duchess of Cambridge flaunts is sold for a few hours later.

Photo: superga-usa

1. The first lucky in our list was the Italian brand Superga. Sneakers Superga 2750 Cotu Classics White - One of the favorite pairs of shoes from Kate Middleton.

In these sneakers, Kate not only makes boat trips and takes part in the London Marathon, but also poses for family photos. The price is only $ 65.

2. The second favorite pair of shoes from Kate Middleton can be called shoes Monsoon on the wedge. At many events, especially in which children participate, Kate is in these shoes.

However, it is not surprising. They are comfortable to walk, run and jump. The cost of these shoes is only $ 58.

3. The third pair in the list were shoes Sebago bala. These moccasins are often present on Kate's photographs taken during walks. The cost of these shoes $ 95.

Of course, there are many other, more expensive pairs of shoes in the Duchess collection. And some even have their own Twitter. But these three are the most beloved and inexpensive.

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