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Three Muscovites for years suffered mockery of his father, and now they may be in prison


Source: TVNZ

Three sisters of the same age killed their tyrant father, who beat and humiliated them. Mikhail Khachaturian girls inflicted 36 stab wounds. The girls were detained, now they are in the ITT for NEAD. They are charged under the article "Murder committed by a group of persons."

All in different cells. The eldest, Christina, does not get out of bed - her leg is badly injured. Medium, Angelina, with a severe cut on the wrist. And the youngest, Maria, is all in tears, says TVNZ.

30 July in the Ostankino court of Moscow decided the fate of three beauties sisters: 17, 18 and 19 years. For the girls who had slaughtered their own father, the investigation tightened up the article: from “Murder” to “Murder committed by a group of persons”. And if on the first point they faced up to 15 years in prison, then under the current article the law provides for punishment up to life imprisonment. But so far, the investigation has just begun: the court extended the detention of the sisters for only 72 hours.

It all began unnoticed: in public, this family, though incomplete, looked well. A caring, devout father and three beauties of a daughter, a flat, an expensive foreign car, magnificent family celebrations. No one has seen (or maybe just did not want to notice) that a hell is happening at home in a model family. The terrible details were revealed only after the daughters slaughtered the “beloved father” with a crowd and with particular cruelty ...

Aiming right in the heart

It all happened on Friday evening in a high-rise building on Altufevskoe highway. At about 19.30, from the window of a small house on the third floor where the Khachaturians lived, a shout was heard: "They are killing!" A few minutes later, when the neighbors, frightened by the noise, called an ambulance and the police, in the common section for two apartments they found the mutilated body of the head of the family, 57-year-old Mikhail Khachaturian.

One of the sisters, 19-year-old Kristina, was holding onto her shoulder, trying to calm the blood: then the girl would explain to the investigation that her father had attacked her with a knife and she had to defend herself. Nevertheless, the UK believes that it was a deliberate and even a planned murder.

“During the interrogation, the girls pleaded guilty and explained that they had developed hostile relations with their father, who had caused them moral suffering for a long time,” the press service of the Moscow Investigative Department commented.

The brutality of the crime committed by frail teenagers and the coherence of their actions amazed even experienced detectives. According to one version, 17-year-old Maria Khachaturian struck her father about 40 with a knife in the neck and chest, 18-year-old Angelina hit him on the head with a hammer, and the elder Christina sprayed the victim in the face with a gas spray, then finished it: put the knife right in the heart . Mikhail Khachaturian died a terrible death. But, according to friends, his girls lived in an even greater hell.

Hate children after leaving his wife

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" visited the very house where the Khachaturians lived. Among the neighbors, Mikhail was known as a criminal authority. The money earned in the dashing nineties and connections were enough to still not deny themselves anything. At least the man had no official place of work, he regularly went except to the church. He prayed a lot and helped local temples. But in everyday life was a real tyrant.

“I personally came across Khachaturian and I know what kind of person he is,” Tatyana Belevtsova, a resident of the house on the Altufevskoe highway, told KP. - Several years ago, together with my 10-year-old granddaughter, I called his apartment and asked him to drive the car away from the entrance. He had a habit of putting his SUV almost at the door. He came out with a rifle and began to threaten me. The granddaughter was terribly frightened. I filed a complaint with the police, but the criminal case fell apart. Money is everything ...

The locals are sure that Mikhail was a drug dealer, and he himself was a great lover of dope. Hence the violent disposition and unmotivated aggression. At first, the wife got the most, but four years ago, unable to withstand the beatings, the woman fled from the despot to the other end of Moscow. Her son Sergei (now 21 years old) also left with her. His father did not like him, he believed that a real man should live independently from his youth. But the daughters stayed with dad - and became his new victims.

“In public, he called them“ my angel ”, he threw noisy parties on birthdays,” says Irina, a neighbor and friend of the girls. - But all this was a show: he invited not boys and girls to children's parties, but his friends.

I installed a camera above the apartment door and tracked all the movements of my daughters. He brought them up with screams and cuffs, the girls constantly hid bruises on their bodies. They had a Labrador at home, and one day, finding a couple of hairs on the carpet, he made his daughter eat wool. It got to the point that he didn't even let them go to school, because of this, the younger ones failed the Unified State Exam, and Christina's tails went to the medical school. At home the girls were his servant. But they are very good - polite, benevolent. Didn't deserve such a life.

Women did not consider people

In general, a few years ago, this family lived in a two-room apartment of six. Mikhail also has an older son who is now renting a separate house. And there was a wife whom he kicked out about a year ago with a scandal. More precisely, he beat him half to death - and she miraculously left herself. And she never came back. Now this woman (a native of Moldova) lives on the other side of Moscow with her sisters.

- It seems that any woman for him was like a red rag for a bull, - say the neighbors. - He yelled at them every single day. Matom. Next to the wide open windows. We have even got used to it.

"You were whores - whores and you will die"

But the beatings are far from the worst thing that the three sisters had to endure with their tyrant father. According to the detainees, the head of the family forced them to please him sexually for several years. In correspondence with their friends, the girls discussed that it was useless to contact the police: with such connections, the case would still be hushed up.

“The eldest daughter two years ago could not endure such a life and after another hint from her father about intimacy she tried to commit suicide,” continues Irina. - It was lucky that the sisters called an ambulance on time, Christina was pumped out.

In the hospital, she lay for about two weeks under droppers. It would seem that such an incident should interest the police, but even here the father got out. He gave a bribe in the hospital, after which he received a certificate that the child ... had a cold! I do not want to justify the murder, but Michael was a real monster.

Perhaps, someone would have doubted this, but the sisters have preserved their correspondence with their father in the messenger. In April, when Khachaturian was away, his brother and a friend came to visit the girls. When a relative saw all five in the apartment and informed the head of the family, a scandal erupted. Mikhail accused his daughters of prostitution, and their brother - of pimping. There is so much swearing in three-minute recordings that if you remove it, only a few sentences remain. But the essence is clear: Mikhail threatened his daughters with violence, including rape.

- He did not go into the apartment, he was standing on the street - yes, you say? And now he's in the room, right? - shouted into the phone angry dad. - Get out in an amicable way. Before my arrival, so that you are not there! I will rape you in public in a group! Did you want to make money? You had no money, he brought you a client! Angelina, you will suck continuously, do you understand, Angelina? Yes, I can show all the videos what you did! You were whores - whores and you will die! I will beat for everything ... I will kill, go away, do not lead to sin!

Why even after that the sisters did not go to their mother is an open question. On Tuesday, at the trial, where the issue of arresting the girls was being decided, the woman did not want to communicate with journalists.

The brother refused the girls, and the neighbors collect signatures in their defense

Relations with Khachaturian were better. He, in a conversation with the press, is now trying to defend him, but he does not tell the details of family life.

After the murder of his father, Sergey Khachaturyan acquitted his father for assault - they say, this does not mean that the person is bad. And he opposed the sisters.

- The image that my sisters' friends paint does not correspond to reality. They just want to avoid punishment, - the guy told the journalist "KP".

In addition, Sergei called the sisters “long lost people” - there is a version that the girls followed their father using drugs. According to neighbors, during the departure of the head of the family from the apartment more than once carried grass, music rumbled. Nevertheless, the collection of signatures in support of the sisters has already begun in the courtyard - they plan to send the document to the Investigative Committee. If proven guilty, the older sisters face up to 15 years behind bars, the younger - up to 10.

The precinct police station No. 77 Mikhail Kalashnikov at the station for only three months. There were no complaints about Khachaturian during the service.

“If the murdered soldier in drugs or mocked his daughters, I would have been informed - I was in touch with the tenants,” the policeman said. “But there were no signals.

Meanwhile, investigators seized from Khachaturian’s apartment not only the murder weapon, but also a whole arsenal of weapons: a crossbow, 16 darts, a traumatic pistol, a Nagan signal revolver, a hunting rifle, 16 cartridges, an air pistol and a pneumatic revolver.

“The girls are kept in different cells,” Ivan Melnikov, executive secretary of the Moscow POC, told KP. “But everyone told us the same thing. Each told all the new details of their life in their father's house. This is, of course, horror.

“Maria and I studied in the same class,” Angelina said. - Because I went to school late. So, this year Masha was at school 7 times, we calculated. Father did not let us go anywhere so that no one would see bruises and beatings. As long as I can remember, he always beat us. He had so many weapons at home. A pistol, a revolver, a shotgun. Bat, knives. How many times has he threatened to kill.

- Why didn't you go to the police?

- What's the point? Once at our house there was a policeman, dad pointed a shotgun at him and said: "Now I will shoot." Even the video was of this, but then for some reason it was deleted, and everything was hushed up.

- Did the teachers ask you about anything at school?

“Nobody paid attention to the bruises and beatings. And the fact that we are missing lessons, too. The psychologist only tried to talk to us. Child protection? No, they never came to us at school, although there was such an opportunity, of course. At school, he couldn't keep track of us. Sometimes the doorbell rang at our door, we thought that it was probably the police or guardianship authorities who came to find out how we were. But my father just did not open the door and that was all.

As the sisters told, mother Mikhail Khachaturian drove 2,5 out of the house a year ago. Before that, she was with them, and he beat her even more than his daughters.

“He mocked her so much,” Christina cries. - Then, when she left us, we had no right to call and communicate with her. But we still, of course, did it on the sly, when he was not at home.

The whole apartment Khachaturian was under video surveillance. The tyrant father tracked every step of his daughters.

- Dad was drinking some sedative tablets. He was treated many times in a psychiatric hospital, but only a month ago he came out, says Angelina. - Or maybe he was not in the hospital, I don't know. But he said he was in the hospital.

- He demanded that we were always there and came at his first call, - recalls Christina. - He had a special bell, he called him, and one of the three of us instantly had to run up to him, at least during the day, at least at night. And do whatever he says. Bring water, food and other things .... He did not even open the window himself, we had to serve him like slaves.

A neighbor of the younger sister, Maria Khachaturian’s younger sister, told human rights activists that the girl was crying all the time, she recalls her mother.

“She doesn't even seem to understand what happened. She is in shock, ”the woman says. (She is accused of fraud and is in the temporary detention center of the North-Eastern Administrative District for the duration of the investigative actions). - She says she really missed her mother. Mom was with them on the day when the investigative actions were going on in their apartment. I told Masha about SIZO No. 6, where she is likely to leave soon, minors are being held there.

None of the Khachaturian sisters have a lawyer. Only those appointed by the court. What and what will happen next, none of the girls do not even understand.

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