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Third after Pugacheva and Rotaru: how Anna Veski lives 30 years after the triumph in the USSR


Source: Culturology

The famous Estonian singer Anna Veski is 61 years old. In the 1980s. she conquered the Soviet public with the songs "Behind a sharp turn", "Enjoy life", "Yellow leaves are circling over the city." At her age, she looks as flawless as she did 30 years ago. The singer claims that she has her own secrets of youth and beauty.

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For the Soviet public, she was always “a little foreigner,” writes Culturology. Her elegance, exotic accent, restraint and mystery distinguished her from a number of other singers. After the 1980's. All-Union popularity came to her, women in hairdressing salons began to ask for a hair "like Veska's."

The singer always tried to follow the fashion and, if she could not get beautiful outfits, sewed and knitted herself. True, her love of fashion once played a cruel joke with her. On her first visit to Moscow, she went to the cinema in jeans and a light white T-shirt. She was not allowed into the room because of her overly frank appearance.

In 1983, on tour in Leningrad, the Estonian singer met the young composer Igor Sarukhanov, who invited her to perform his songs. This collaboration turned out to be very successful - the song "Behind a sharp turn" became Veska's hallmark and glorified it throughout the Union. A year later she was sent to the International Song Festival in Sopot as the third most popular singer in the USSR (after Pugacheva and Rotaru, who had already performed at this competition). It was a triumph - she was awarded two prizes.

Her maiden name is Vaarmann, and the name Veski came from her first husband, whom she married in her student years. This marriage did not last long because of her husband's addiction to alcohol. In a state of intoxication, he repeatedly raised his hand to his wife, who was jealous of professional success.

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But the second husband, Benno Belchikov, turned out to be the exact opposite - he not only supported his wife in everything, but even became her administrator and went on tour with her. They have been living in a happy marriage for over 30 years. The singer immediately after the wedding took her husband's surname, but then she realized that Anna Veski is a brand that can no longer be changed.

In the 1980-ies. Anne Veski traveled almost the entire globe. Once during a tour on the island of Mauritius, an unpleasant story happened to her. After the concert, one of the musicians disappeared. And later it turned out that he went to the American embassy to seek political asylum. The singer met with him and tried to convince, but this venture failed. A scandal erupted, Veski was immediately returned to the USSR and demanded an explanation - why he had not noticed for his musician. Her tour stopped there.

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But her career was threatened for other reasons: after the collapse of the USSR, Anne Veski was “abroad”, and it became difficult to organize her tour with a team of 15. About a year they did not leave Estonia at all. But the singer did not leave the stage and continued to release albums. She is proud that she always sang live, and that her voice “never sleeps”.

“You can wake me up at night and the voice will sound,” says Veski.

Anna Veski has her secrets of youth and beauty. She is against plastic surgery and believes that natural beauty can be preserved in adulthood. And for this you need, as in her famous song, to "enjoy life" and not cause harm to anyone.

“Good and regular food, quality products, wellness saunas, an optimistic mood and a favorite thing are beauty components. Then the mood will be good, and therefore, both the face and the figure will be in order. I have my own formula of health - to enjoy life, maintain an optimistic tone, not regret anything and be less sad, ”the singer said. And Anna Veski’s recipe for a lasting marriage is very simple - “keep your mouth shut,” that is, be able to shut up on time.

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Now Anna Veski continues to perform in Russia, the USA, Canada, Israel and Germany, releases new albums and even starred in the series. She says that her age does not bother her, since she still feels like an 28-year-old singer and is trying to carry this young energy to her listeners.

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