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'Trump was destined for her by fate': whom did Melania meet before meeting Donald. PHOTO, VIDEO


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Today Melania and Donald Trumps are one of the most talked about couples not only in the USA, but also outside the country. They have been together for many years, raising Barron's son, and judging by the opinion of some experts, they are still tied to each other, despite the rumors. However, it is always interesting with whom celebrities met before they marry. If much is known about Donald, then Melania's personal life continues to be a mystery.

Photo: video frame Youtube / ABC News

The story of the first lady of the United States, a girl from a small Slovenian town, inspires many women around the world. We know about her modeling past, but there was no information about the men she met before Donald until recently, writes Fabiosa.

Relations between Melania and the American businessman began to emerge two years after the model moved to the States. An interesting fact: she did not immediately accept the courtship of the future spouse, but the latter did not leave hopes to win the heart of the beautiful woman.

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Journalists found that in the distant 1991, she had a romantic relationship with a young man named Yuri Zorchich. This became known in 2016, but the details of their connection continue to surface to this day.

Yuri Zorchich. Photo: video frame ABC News

A man shared his memories with ABC. According to him, their first meeting was like a scene from a film. Riding a bike past Melania walking, Yuri could not take his eyes off the girl. He returned and invited the beauty on a date.

“We met like in a movie,” Zorchich said. - It was a hot summer day between the wars in Slovenia [in 1991]. This was the beginning of a new political era for us, the city was empty, occupied by the army. "

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“I was on my motorcycle and she was walking down the street. As I drove past her, I thought, “Wow, who is this girl? She is so beautiful, I have to go after her, ”continues Yuri.

Yuri Zorchich on the street where he met Melania. Photo: video frame ABC News

Zorchich always felt that she was born for the fashion world. Melania shared with her her dreams about a modeling career, cooperation with large fashion houses in Italy and France.

They did not assume that the future Mrs. Trump, as a girl of Knavs, was indeed one step away from fulfilling her desires. Soon she left the country, and a few years later, in 1996, she went to the USA, where she met her husband. She was 28 years old.

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Zorcic was surprised when Melania unexpectedly left Slovenia. After several years of living in Paris and Milan, the young model moved to New York.

The city of Sevnitsa, where Melania lived. Photo: video frame ABC News

“She told me she got an offer from a hair care company, which is why she left,” he said.

Zorcic met Melania in New York in 2000 and was surprised that his ex-lover spoke with him in English, not in Slovenian.

“I asked her: have you forgotten that you are from Slovenia?” The man admits.

“She told me that she was traveling between New York and Fort Lauderdale in Florida and would never return to Slovenia,” Zorcic says.

House of Melania in Sevnitsa. Photo: video frame ABC News

In 2006, a year after a luxurious wedding, a son, Barron, appeared in the family of Melania and Donald.

It is difficult to imagine how the fate of the first lady would have developed if she had not met her husband. Perhaps she would return to Slovenia and marry Zorchich. But this is a completely different story. We can only wish Donald and Melania love, mutual understanding and long years of happiness.

“I think her marriage to Donald Trump was destined for her,” Zorcic says. “20 years ago, no one believed that she would live on top of the world, on Fifth Avenue in Trump Tower, not even she herself!”

Photo: video frame ABC News

Do you think there were other men in the life of the first lady, and for what reasons did she prefer to hide such aspects of her biography from the public?

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