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Items not worth buying at Duty Free stores in any country


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It is believed that in Duty Free duty-free shops, all goods are much cheaper. In fact, this is really not for the entire range. "Rambler" learned that it is not worth buying in Duty Free in any countries.

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Cosmetics and perfumery

If sometimes discounts on perfumes in duty-free shops can be profitable, then this never happens with cosmetic products.

Now most stores regularly delight their customers with discounts and promotions, so if you want to buy caring or decorative cosmetics, it is better to track the price of them in any cosmetic store.

Duty Free is good only for perfume prices, and even then only during the sales period.

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Neck Pillows

These are unusual pillows under the neck, which many people remember only when they see them on store shelves at the airport. Surely, you have this one lying around at home, and you keep it until your next vacation trip, but you always forget it.

The fact is that in duty-free shops, the prices of such goods are very high. In addition, the quality of these pillows often leaves much to be desired, but they do not give proper comfort.

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Often, many tourists are sure that they will find souvenirs for relatives and friends in Duty Free. However, you should not rely on these stores: as a rule, the choice of souvenirs with the symbols of the country is very limited and consists of magnets and circles with flags.

In addition, the prices there are much higher than in small shops for tourists. Therefore, if you still want to bring the memory of your trip to family or friends, but forgot to buy, it is better to take alcohol, sweets or other products.

You can also give classic souvenirs, but you already need to buy them before leaving the hotel.

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