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Top 3 best ways to quickly clean your coat without washing


Source: Rambler

Drapom is a heavy, dense woolen fabric, which is almost not wrinkled and keeps its color for a long time. Products from drapery cloth are cleaned exclusively by dry methods. If an emergency has happened right now, right now with your coat, you can not run into the dry-cleaner, but run ... for bread.

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We make bread

If the product has become dusty, use a crumb of rye bread to clean it. Lay the coat on a flat surface (table or floor) face up and sprinkle the crumbs on top. Then by hand roll the crumbs over the surface to form balls. The remains of the crumbs cleaned with a sponge. Together with bread crumbs, dust also disappears.

Steam cleaning

If the coat has large contamination, you can use the universal method of steam. Type in a hot water bath to form steam. Then hang the coat over the hangers above the bath. Steam will well impregnate the product, and all contamination will be left behind. Then you just need to gently iron the thing through a gauze rag.

Use soda

You can clean the drape coat with an old toothbrush and soda. Soda is mixed with warm water until a slurry is formed, and then with a brush it is applied to the polluted places. After cleaning the stains, wipe the treated areas with a damp cloth and let them dry well for 2 hours.

How to clean the collar. To remove dirt on the collar, you can use a liquid carpet cleaner (for example, “Vanish”). Apply a little gel on the sponge and gently rub the collar, then blot it with a dry towel or cloth. This method is only suitable for cleaning the collar.

In all other cases, you must contact the dry cleaning, so as not to spoil the thing.

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