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Top 25 stores and restaurants where Americans prefer to spend money


Source: the Fiscal Times

Фото: Depositphotos

Company NPD Group conducted an original consumer preference survey and surveyed a million users. Writes The Fiscal Times, 95% of Americans at least once made purchases in supermarket chains Walmart .

As a result, it turned out that most consumers visit the supermarket chain. Walmart , McDonald's was in second place, 89% of Americans at least once in the past year bought food at this fast-food restaurant.

Network Target got listed on 3 place, 84% of retail consumers spend money there. 77% of consumers made purchases in pharmacies Walgreens. These 4 businesses actually cover three-quarters of all customers in America.

This survey makes it clear that people still prefer real shopping to virtual.

So, the company The Amazon only 19 was listed, because only 42% of the US population made purchases there.

This data does not reflect how often shoppers enter a particular store, and do not provide an understanding of how much money customers leave in these stores and restaurants.

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