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Tom Cruise and others: famous fathers who abandoned their own children



Strong marriages among American celebrities every year becomes less and less. In the media often appears information about the divorce of a star couple. Most often, because of the breakdown in relations between parents, their common children suffer. Someone because of marital conflict takes the side of one of the parents and stops communicating with the other. Sometimes some men give up their old life, including children, and start building a new one without regard to the past.

They give birth to other families and quite often begin to raise the children of their new passions, completely forgetting about the "little women." Which of the famous men was in a similar situation, learned portal

They say that becoming a father is not difficult at all, but to be one of them is one of the most difficult tasks facing a modern man. Some people with full responsibility approach the upbringing of children and take care of them even in those cases if the relationship with their mother for some reason did not develop, but others sometimes do not even strive to communicate with biological sons and daughters. Most often, "abandoned" children sneak insult through the years.

Tom Cruise, 55 years

Accustomed to increased attention from women, Tom Cruise has never been a family man in the classic sense. However, in marriage with Katie Holmes, he showed himself a caring father. Fans of the actor still remember how he jumped for joy on the couch in the studio of the Opry Winfrey show, talking about his all-consuming love for Katie.

The long-awaited daughter Suri Tom raised like a real princess: he played every whim, gave expensive gifts, hired the best tutors. However, fatherly love abruptly dried up after Katie Holmes filed for divorce in June 2012. The first time after parting with his third wife, he was somehow interested in the life of his daughter, called up to her, but gradually the communication came to naught. From time to time there are rumors that the star of the films “Mission Impossible” met with her daughter, but the very next day official sources deny them.

Fans and journalists are still wondering what a little girl could not please her father. According to one version, the head of the Church of Scientology has banned talking with Suri, allegedly because the baby does not profess this religion. According to others, against this is Katie Holmes, who is unable to let go of the old grievances against her husband.

As an actor transfers separation from his daughter, one can only guess. He does not talk about family drama in an interview at all, and he speaks about Suri as if he is not personally acquainted with her. So, during a recent conversation with a journalist Sydney Morning Herald When asked if the girl wanted to become an actress like her parents, he rapped out: “It’s hard to predict,” without going into further details. But after parting with Katie Holmes, he became more attentive to his adopted children - 24-year-old Isabella and 22-year-old Connor. Their actor adopted and adopted even married to Nicole Kidman. From time to time, Cruz visits them and shares his father's instructions. Especially Tom is close to Connor, who, like his adoptive father, abides by all Scientology rules.

Caitlin (Bruce) Jenner, 67 years

By changing sex, Caitlin Jenner publicly repented of having been a bad parent for her older children all this time — Bert, Casey, Brandon, and Brody.

After parting with his first wife Chrystie Jenner and his second wife Linda Thompson, the former Olympic athletics champion almost completely stopped communicating with his elder sons and daughter - he only regularly performed standard formalities and paid child support. Children raised mother.

As Jenner admits, at that time he was too absorbed in his problems with gender identity. However, in parallel with the personal soul-throwing Bruce miraculously managed to lead an active social life, and even starred in a reality show with his third wife, Chris Jenner and her children from a previous marriage.

“In the most important years for my children, I tried to understand who I am. Recently, I spoke frankly with sons and admitted that I was the worst father. I asked them for forgiveness. I know I have no excuse ... ", - said Bruce Jenner in a famous interview with journalist Diane Sawyer.

However, with Casey's daughter, Caitlin still has a strained relationship. The girl can not forgive the father-transgender for the fact that he completely abandoned her baby. “Everything is very difficult here. He was long gone from my life. I hope that at least now we will be able to establish contact, ”- told the press Casey.

And although Bruce did not find time to communicate with biological children, he managed to pay enough attention to his daughters and son Chris Jenner from his marriage with lawyer Robert Kardashian. During the years of relations with the mother of the Kardashian family, the ex-athlete became very close to Courtney, Kim, Chloe and Rob. Stars Instagramam trusted the most intimate to his stepfather and always followed his wise advice. And Kim was one of the first to support Bruce when he announced his intention to become a woman.

Alas, having found herself, Caitlin lost her family. The first time, when her sex reassignment operations were widely discussed in the media, relatives willingly communicated to her and publicly supported her. However, two years after Bruce became Caitlin, almost no one came into contact with her.

“We have drifted away. I only call up a couple of my children. I can not understand why this happened. Because I'm a transsexual, or are they just so busy? ”, Jenner complained in a recent television interview.

Woody Allen, 81 Year

Woody Allen is one of the most eccentric Hollywood directors and screenwriters. Journalists are always discussing his new works with great interest, but his intricate personal life also attracts no less attention. Despite the fact that Woody Allen broke up with one of his muses - Mieya Farrow, who was his common-law wife for 12 years - more than 20 years ago, the funny details of their relationship are still being discussed with interest in the Western media.

Woody Allen. Photo: Depositphotos

It was in marriage with Farrow that Allen first came to know the joy of fatherhood. First, he and his darling officially adopted two children, and then Mia gave birth to Woody, the long-awaited biological son, Satchel, who after a scandalous separation of his parents chose a new name for himself - Ronan. At first, he maintained contact with his father and met with him in the presence of other people - the actress, who fought in the court for sole custody of the children, insisted on it. However, over time, Woody completely lost interest in the boy. Ronan, apparently, is still offended by his father. After all, when Farrow told reporters in her heart that she could give birth to Frank Sinatra, with whom she never ceased to maintain relationships even after breaking up, the young man chose to believe in the mother’s version.

Woody Allen and his wife. Photo: Depositphotos

By the way, the budding politician and lawyer does not want to hear anything about Allen. “He is my father, and he is married to my sister. It turns out that I come to him and his son, and the brother-in-law. This goes beyond all moral standards, "- said in an interview with the online edition Ronan Farrow.

Despite the frankly cold relationship with his own son, Woody has someone else to take care of. For years, 20 has been officially married to Sun-Yi, the once adopted daughter of Mia Farrow. Spouses bring up two foster girls - Bechet and Manzi.

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