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Tom, Jared and Keanu: what the eternal boys of Hollywood eat to look at 50 in 30



On 50, look on 30, and on 40 on 25. For some, nothing is impossible. Tom Cruise will soon be 60 years old, and it feels like he hasn't changed at all for 20 years - as if it had been mothballed. It’s clear that artists follow their health, nutrition, and figure, but many follow, but only a few remain young. We decided to check what the "eternal boys" of Hollywood eat.

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Tom Cruise

This year, the artist turned 57 years old, already quite a respectable age. Nevertheless, he looks amazing, you can never say that a little more, and he will be 60 years old, notices AIF.

Of course, in order to look so fit and energetic, the actor practices a lot. Usually 3-4 once a week. But sometimes more - for example, during preparation for roles in the Mission Impossible series of films, the actor trained 5-6 once a week under the guidance of a personal trainer.

In his interviews, he admits that he puts what he likes on the plate: eggs, porridge, baked chicken with fruits, even sausages can eat. But he drinks a lot of water.

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There are times when Tom Cruise has to control food. Then the actor makes sure that he has a lot of fresh fruits and vegetable salads, high-quality protein obtained from turkey or chicken fillet, lean beef and fish. Usually, all this is grilled or baked - it’s more useful.

Sometimes it is necessary to exclude from the diet starchy vegetables (potatoes, carrots), all products containing sugar, white flour. And lean on meat, fish, cheese and leafy vegetables.

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Keanu Reeves

Keanu was born in 1964 year, this year he will be 55 years old. But he looks very good. They even joke about the actor that his diet includes the blood of innocent babies, because it is impossible to look so cool without making a deal with dark forces.

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Very often Keanu Reeves is considered a vegetarian. The actor is very sensitive to the protection of nature, loves animals, but as he assures, he is not a strict vegetarian. Although it is really extremely rare to eat meat, he tries not to eat junk food and junk food.

Keanu Reeves loves vegetables, cheese, bread. And in some cases, it can even eat steak.

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Jared Leto

Another "mothballed" Hollywood actor is Jared Leto. He is younger than Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves, but the way he looks now, in 47 years, is also impressive. It seems that the actor is not even 30 years old.

Jared Leto is a vegetarian. Moreover, strict, vegan, this means that he does not consume any dairy products or eggs. The actor himself believes that the secret of his excellent form is precisely in the rejection of animal products. Also, the actor excludes sugar, salt and alcohol from the diet. In addition, he regularly plays sports, loves yoga.

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Happened in the life of Jared Leto and extreme diets. In 2007, he scored 30 kilograms for the role of the psychopath Chapman, the killer of John Lennon. The actor ate microwave-heated ice cream, poured it with vegetable oil, ate spaghetti and fast food. As a result, on the screen we see a puffy nut. After this role, the actor recovered with the help of a raw food semi-liquid diet based on salads and smoothies.

Jared Leto for the roles had to not only get very fat, but also lose weight. It was required in 2000 for the role of the drug addict in the film Requiem for a Dream. Then Jared lost weight by 12 kilograms, almost starving. The second time happened in preparation for the role of a transgender Rayon from the Dallas Buyers Club (2013 year). For a month, Summer ate water, only occasionally allowing himself a piece of avocado. The actor has lost 14 kilograms.

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