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Point of view: what we should learn from lazy people

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


Most of all I love ... lazy people. Yes, perhaps they will not save the world, they will not bring a lot of genius and progressive into it, but on the other hand, they do very little harm.

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They don't blow up trains and planes. They don't sit in basements mounting bombs. They never join gangs, do not terrorize the population. Lazy people don't get into fights. They are lazy ... They do not weave conspiracies, do not climb the corpses to the top of any organization to spit down from there. They do not scare, do not blackmail, do not play people against each other. They do not drop into the classroom during a lecture to ridicule the professor and do not throw shoes at the presidents or his retinue. They do not become the people's avengers who, under cover of night, find and destroy criminals who have escaped justice and punishment.

And there are many more things that they DO NOT do. That's why I love them. There is little noise, unnecessary bustle and problems from them. Don't get me wrong: a lazy person is not necessarily a lazy person, someone who walks in bed all day or sits at a computer playing games. A programmer, a driver, a technician, and a teacher can be a lazy person. But for him the highest pleasure is to be lazy ... To sit by the TV, to think about something of his own, to drink tea and candy, not to run, not to fuss.

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The life of a lazy person is longer. She walks more slowly, more measuredly. But, again, do not look for a higher meaning in it, a special purpose, do not hang duties on them like garlands, and do not bale every time one of them did not do everything in time. They solve problems, perform their functions, but inside they have a “slow combustion engine”. Sometimes they seem to think slower. It may even be true. If possible, they sleep longer. This is because lazy people live not only in their own world, but also at their own pace. And next to those who rush like a steam locomotive downhill, picking up speed and not using the brakes, they can look slightly slowed down. They may need an extra second to process information, although this is also not a fact.

So what am I talking about?

Let's not compare anyone with anyone. That one is smarter, this one is faster, one is richer, the other is more cunning. This is a waste of time and energy. Everything is as it is. Not better, not worse. And there is no point in trying to become what you are not. That's it, the train left, you were not born to another, and that's it. Not born yet, not yet born, not yet born ... What's the difference? You are already here, you are, you live, and this is lovely. So be who you are. Well, if you don't know who, that's a completely different story.

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Let us be condescending to everyone, and especially to lazy people. They, like much more harmful creatures, also have a right to exist. The longer I live, the better I understand that I would rather choose three lazy ones than one hurrying, hard-working, burning, restless, rushing at full steam. Probably because I myself imperceptibly moved from one camp to another, or, at least, I am on the way ...

Thank you all for your participation, for your patience and understanding, too. Without this, I think you will not live in our crazy age. Well, no way.

I personally think so. And you?

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