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'Titanic' without Leo and 'Terminator' without Schwartz: 10 actors who almost lost their best role


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10 funny stories from acting life, because of which popular films and TV series could become a little different, says ADME.

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It is difficult to imagine the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" without Johnny Depp or "Titanic" without Leonardo DiCaprio: without them, these films would probably lose their charm. As it turned out, some of the world's famous films could lose the unique images of the main characters as a result of absurd accidents that happened to the performers of these roles.

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones

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About 10 years ago, young actress Sophie Turner almost lost her famous role as Sansa Stark in the acclaimed TV series Game of Thrones. Then the girl was only 12 years old, she studied in a theater group, where her talents were noticed by the head of the studio. The teacher organized an audition for the future actress for a then unknown project, but Sophie never came to the appointed time. The persistence of the studio employee helped: the forgetful TV star was caught in the dining room at lunch and forcibly sent to the casting.

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“The head of the theatrical studio, in which I studied, advised me to come to the audition and even organized everything, but I forgot. I just forgot, can you imagine? I was caught in the cafeteria, where I had a nonchalant lunch, not suspecting that I was literally eating up my chance to become a star. "

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

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"Pirates of the Caribbean" would definitely lose their identity without the charismatic Jack Sparrow in the person of Johnny Depp. According to the star, the head of the Disney company did not like the manner of the famous actor's play: he considered her too feminine and even a little cheeky. Luckily for us, Depp managed to convince the harsh company representatives of the correct choice of his candidacy. They were stubborn for a long time, but still changed their anger to mercy and gave Depp the coveted role.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - the main role in "Terminator"

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The brutal Terminator hunting for Sarah Connor in Part 1 of the famous franchise didn't really want to be a villain. According to Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, the image of a villain could play a cruel joke on the career of a novice actor, and therefore Iron Arnie preferred to play positive characters so that the viewer could get used to him. Only James Cameron's promise to put the evil robot on the right path helped to convince Schwarzenegger, which the audience of the movie, which became a legend after the premiere on the big screen, could see.

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight

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Handsome Robert Pattinson could have lost his role as the charming vampire in Twilight due to his inability to smile! According to the actor, even the author of the acclaimed bestseller Stephenie Meyer was so disappointed with Robert's performance that she opposed his participation in the filming of the picture. The reason for the "bad mood" of the famous vampire was that he was just very worried about the seriousness of the role.

Rachel McAdams as Ellie in The Notebook

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Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams appear as almost the perfect couple in the movie "The Diary of Remembrance", one of the most romantic in the history of cinema. However, few people know that Gosling was unfriendly to his partner on the set and even asked for her dismissal, considering the girl's game unprofessional.

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Fortunately for the audience, the enmity of the actors gradually faded away, and the romantic feelings of their characters grew into those of the performers themselves.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson in "Titanic"

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Perhaps many of you will agree that the role of Jack in "Titanic" was key in the development of the career of everyone's beloved Leonardo DiCaprio. Few people know that the young actor himself was categorically opposed to the job offered to him, believing that romantic characters were not for him. Blockbuster director James Cameron had to work hard to convince the stubborn Leonardo to participate in the project.

Taylor Lautner plays Jacob in Twilight. Saga. New moon"

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The role of the werewolf Jacob could have easily passed on to someone else if Taylor Lautner had not decided to go to the gym more often. The fact is that the producers of the film “Twilight. Saga. New Moon ”once thought that the handsome Lautner lacks muscle mass, which would make him more like the hero of the book by Stephenie Meyer, and even wanted to replace the actor. Strenuous training did its job: Lautner remained the Jacob we all know.

Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in The Godfather

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It is not known whether "The Godfather" would have been published without Al Pacino: it is difficult to imagine anyone else in the complex role of a noble mafia. The representatives of the Paramount company had their own opinion on this matter, because for some reason known only to them, they wanted to remove Al Pacino from the set three times!

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But failures during the production process and constant doubts about the actor's competence could not break his mood - until now, "The Godfather" is considered a legend in world cinema.

Chris Pratt as Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy

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Chris Pratt almost lost one of his main roles due to ... excess weight. Although, looking at an athletic actor, it's hard to believe it. The creators of the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy did not want to give Pratt the coveted role for a long time, since at the time of the auditions Chris weighed more than 130 kg. Stubborn training in the gym helped him to correct his figure. As a result, the same Peter Quill appeared on the screens of cinemas around the world, with whom all young fans of Marvel comics are in love.

Tom Hanks as Josh Baskin in Big

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The main character of the beloved film "Bolshoi" could not have been played by Tom Hanks, who once got confused in the schedule of his filming at the wrong time. The problems of a teenager who turned into a grown man overnight could be shown by Robert de Niro. And who knows how it would have ended if Tom Hanks hadn't decided to carve out some time for this funny project.

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