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The dark side of avocados: dangerous to health!


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Avocados are considered almost the most useful fruit and endlessly idealized. But the same fruit has a number of side effects that can cause significant harm to your health.

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Indeed, avocado has a number of useful properties: for example, it helps to normalize blood circulation, burns fat, is a powerful aphrodisiac and a source of more than twenty natural vitamins and minerals, and also stabilizes the menstrual cycle and contributes to the treatment of dysentery, writes Clever. Look at the other side of the coin?

First of all, let's talk about the dangers of avocados for losing weight. The magical effect of slimming fruit is often exaggerated. In moderation, avocados do contribute to losing weight, but if you get too carried away with this fruit, you will, on the contrary, begin to gain weight. “Consuming too much fruit can lead to excess weight due to the fat content of avocados, even if they are unsaturated,” said San Diego nutritionist Lara Flores in an interview with LiveScience.

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Also, avocados should be excluded from their diet nursing mothers and pregnant women. Consumption of this fruit can significantly reduce the amount of milk, according to Stylecraze portal. A study by Cambridge University experts showed that avocado provokes the risk of coronary heart disease in people with a predisposition to this disease.

Avocados are strictly forbidden to those who suffer from the so-called latex allergies, that is, hypersensitivity to latex. This is evidenced by research data from the Mayo Clinic. “What does an avocado have to do with it?” You ask. The fact is that latex is part of this fruit. Therefore, test your sensations after eating avocados. Nasal congestion, coughing, eczema, itching and swelling are the first signs of latex allergy. If you find them at home, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Another side effect of avocado is the danger of diarrhea. The fact is that this fruit contains rich dietary fibers that help relieve constipation. But if you start to eat avocados in large quantities several times a day, instead of a normal digestive process, you will get spasms, a sharp pain in your stomach and endless visits to the toilet.

Of course, do not forget about the dangers of avocado pits. On the one hand, you can easily find many recipes for how to use it effectively: say, grind to a powder and add to a milkshake and coffee, make a cleansing face mask out of it, or add to a refreshing body scrub. On the other hand, the fruit bone contains toxic substances - tannins.

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Of course, tannins are a part of most plants: they are needed to protect against extermination (as they give an unpleasant taste to unripe fruits) and to regulate growth. They are also found in beer, wine, tea, nuts, fruits (such as persimmon). In small doses, these substances are safe. However, there is an assumption that if you abuse foods that have tannins, you will face an increased risk of blood clotting and you may get serious indigestion.

So, no one denies the positive properties of avocados. However, do not get too carried away and eat fruit daily in unlimited quantities: as the ancient Greeks said, a sense of proportion is important in everything. But if you use avocado in dosage, there will be no health problems and you will not have to give up your favorite product.

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