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Princess Diana's bodyguard told why Megan would have liked her more than Kate



Whatever the relationship between Kate Middleton and Megan Markle, most likely in the eyes of the public they will forever remain rivals. Recently, the bodyguard of Princess Diana, who suggested to whom the daughters-in-law's mother Harry and William would be more located, added fuel to the fire.

It is rumored that Kate Middleton and Megan Markle are experiencing (or at least tested until recently) to each other a strong dislike, writes Of course, the duchess themselves never mentioned that it was difficult for them to find a common language - however, many insiders and experts did it for them.

However, after the birth of Archie Harrison, the situation began to change for the better - in recent weeks, royal persons have repeatedly appeared in public together, not hiding that they like each other’s company.

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Despite this, the public still sees in the daughters-in-law of rivals and argues which of them is better.

Recently, the former bodyguard of Princess Diana Ken Whar unexpectedly spoke on this topic - the man managed to work with the spouses Harry and William.

In an interview with Express, Ken said that, in his opinion, Diana would be more friendly with Megan.

According to Whorf, the princess is always drawn to the bright charismatic personalities, which is the ex-actress Markl.

“Diana would love how she communicates with the media and is not shy in front of a large audience. Unlike Kate, who was even worried about the paparazzi several years ago, ”the man told the reporter.

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In addition, he noticed that Megan would have played into her biography as well.

“Diana would be delighted that her son married an American woman with mixed roots, and even divorced. I just imagine how she thinks dreamily on this score: “This is fantastic! This is the future of the royal family, this is how everything should be happening today, ”explained the bodyguard.

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