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Harry's dancing, Lisa's music and a nostalgic video with Alla: Galkin shared his New Year mood



On New Year's Eve, the family of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin was in anticipation of the holiday, writes


The showman made small videos about the New Year mood of the star family and shared a 17-year-old nostalgic video.

In the frame of the new video, his daughter Lisa pretty cleverly plays her mother’s recognizable song “Million Scarlet Roses” on a toy piano. And son Harry portrays rampant dances in front of the camera.

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Apparently, yesterday a happy family woke up with a great mood and happily prepared to meet a miracle.

“Like it!” Galkin’s son called at the end of the video, looking at the camera.

Apparently, the children of Pugacheva and Galkin are already accustomed to the fact that dad constantly shoots videos about them on Instagram.

Later, the artist published two more videos. In one of them, Harry and Lisa read New Year’s poems:

The second video is dedicated to memories - a video recording of a 17-year-old New Year TV show:

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