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So so fairy tale: how your life can change if you marry a prince


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Glamorous weddings, sparkling crowns and special tributes to the royal family are why some people dream of connecting their lives with a prince or princess. However, marriage to a royal family member involves following certain rules. And this, of course, will test the strength of any relationship, especially those that are constantly in sight of the general public. ADME.

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In this article, you will find several unexpected surprises from the life of spouses of crowned heads that will help you look at fairy life from a different angle.

You will have to forget about the titles "prince" or "princess"

Marrying a member of the royal family does not mean at all that you will be king, queen, or even a princess. The husband of Queen Elizabeth II of England, Prince Philip can not get the royal title. He cannot receive the title of king-consort, because he simply does not exist. So he's a prince consort. If Prince William becomes king, his wife, Duchess Kate, will Queen Consort.

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When Prince Harry went down the aisle with Meghan Markle, she also became a duchess. Neither Megan nor Kate have royal blood, so call their princesses can only be done in the presence of their spouses. And at the same time, their titles will sound like this: Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales and Her Royal Highness Princess Harry of Wales.

You may have to choose between title and true love

The British monarchy is one of the most liberal royal families. In some countries, when a member of the royal family marries a commoner, he automatically renounces the crown. When the Japanese princess Mako will get married for her loved one she met in college, she would have to refuse from the crown, she will also lose her royal status and her place in the royal family.

Japanese laws force women to give up the crown if they marry someone who is not part of the royal family. Surprisingly, this rule does not apply to men.

Your children may not have royal status

Before Sophia Hellqvist married Prince Carl Philip on June 13, 2015, she was a model and a reality TV star. Their children, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel, do not have royal titles. Sophia's father-in-law, king, отмениР» their status by issuing a special decree in October 2019. Anyway, Sofia and Karl Philip they saythat now their children have more freedom of choice in the future.

A new life as a member of the royal family will reveal your past

Probably, any of us have done things in the past that we would not like to remember and of which we are not proud. When a common man marries royalty, his entire past life is in the spotlight. During her student years, Kate Middleton, the current Duchess of Cambridge, once wore a skirt made of skirt for a fashion show see-through dress and flaunted it on the podium. And people are still going crazy because of this event, which, by the way, was recreated in film "William and Kate" starring actress Camilla Luddington.

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You won't be able to do politics anymore

You may have been politically active prior to marrying a member of the royal family. You will have to forget about it, as soon as you say "yes" at the altar.

In fact, although the Queen is allowed to vote, she must keep neutrality, as much as possible. If she chooses one candidate over another, she can dishonestly influence the opinion of the people.

You will need to learn to eat fast.

Ordinary people are used to eating as much as they want and when they want. After becoming a member of the British royal family, this habit will have to be stopped. In the presence of the queen, a meal starts and ends at her will. If the queen puts a spoon or fork on the table, everyone else should do the same. It might be best to have a little snack before dinner.

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You can only show your affection for close friends and family.

There is a rule according to which the royal person cannot touch commoners, but it is constantly violated, especially when members of the British royal family meet stars, politicians or other celebrities. If you become a member of the royal family and do not want to be touched, you will have to come to terms with it, because the royals should not be worried.

For some monarchies, this rule is not so strict, and everyone makes their own choice. For instance, Queen Rania of Jordan does not avoid contacts with ordinary people, and this can be seen in her instagrama.

You will have to say goodbye to your career

Your career dreams will cease to mean anything once you become a member of the monarch's family. One of the most famous royal wives to give up their careers was actress Grace Kelly, who became Princess of Monaco. After the wedding with Prince Rainier, Kelly no longer played none movie roles. It seems like being a princess is already a full-time job.

Your wedding will only be possible after a family vote or special permission

When ordinary people want to get married, they come to the registry office and sign the necessary papers. In the royal family, everything is much more complicated. In the UK, the queen must give a written разрешение to marry the first six heirs in line to the throne. This is done in order to protect the family from marriages that could "jeopardize the status of the royal house."

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When the current Queen of Norway, Sonya, was dating Crown Prince Harald of Norway, he had to tell his father, King Ulaf V, that he never will not marry anyone but her. This could jeopardize the throne as Harald was the sole heir. The marriage license was only granted after King Ulaf consulted the government.

You will no longer be called by a short name

Despite the fact that everyone is used to calling Kate Middleton by name, according to the law, you can only talk about her "Duchess of Cambridge" or ma'am. Moreover, even more appropriate call her "Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Wales". If you're not happy with your official name after marrying a royal, then it will be another cause for stress.

Shellfish will stay at sea, away from your plate

Royals try to avoid shellfish on the menu. They fear a possible allergic reaction or food poisoning that could distract them from their important duties. And although this rule has not been valid for the first day, Prince Charles from time to time violates.

When accepting gifts, you must follow strict rules

If you want to become a member of any royal family, you must be compassionate and follow the rules of good manners. When you are given something, you should think about the donor's motives - if he wants something from you in return. If there is even the slightest chance that a gesture is expected from you, you should not принимать present. But also royals must assess the risks of offending the donor by rejection. In addition, members of the British royal family not allowed accept gifts worth more than £ 150.

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You can no longer play Monopoly

Members of the royal family, especially the British, do not take part in games like Monopoly. In 2008, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, had to refuse from the game presented to him during the meeting, because it acquired too "vicious" meaning.

You will have to stand and sit by protocol

The royals are very strict order about who and where should sit, stand, walk. They are mostly based on hierarchy. In the British royal family, the correct order is: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Charles and Camilla, William and Kate, and finally Harry and Meghan. Only this way and nothing else.

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You have to smile in public, even if you feel terrible.

Publicity will always accompany you, not only during the performance of your royal duties, but also when it comes to your health. When Princess Diana fainted at an exhibition in Canada, her husband Charles became angry and made her understandthat fainting in front of the public is indecent. Being a princess means always keeping public opinion in mind and acting on that basis.

Your parents may not be allowed to attend the wedding

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands married Willem-Alexander (then Prince of Orange) in 2002. Maxima's parents were not at the wedding. Her father said he was unable to attend because he was a member of the council of ministers during the national reorganization process in Argentina. And her mother refused to come without her husband.

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