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'Secret wife and daughter': Nikolai Baskov published a strange photo with a woman and a child



Nikolay Baskov intrigued subscribers by publishing a photo with a mysterious woman and child, writes

Photo: nikolaibaskov / Instagram

People's Artist of Russia Nikolai Baskov posted on Instagram a photo from a vacation in Altai, in which he is depicted against the background of a woman and a child sitting with their backs to him. Fans of the musician began to read between the lines and guess what exactly he wanted to say with this publication and who are the ones depicted in the picture.

Photo Shoot: nikolaibaskov / Instagram

“Is this your family, Nikolai?”; "When managed!?"; “Secret wife and daughter of an expert on Belarus !?”; “It would seem that they are public people, but something always pops up suddenly! It's great if it's a wife and daughter, but how many unpleasant rumors go around. Nikolay, you should know: we, your fans, do not believe in them! ”; “Yeah, a family like Lazarev and Kirkorov”; “And why did everyone decide that there is a child in the photo, it is not at all obvious. For HYIP, nothing special needs to be done. Hamsters figure out everything themselves ”- the subscribers shared their opinion.

Some social network users suggested that Basque was trying to create a "new news feed" to divert attention from participating in "Shameful action against the Belarusian people".

The lion's share of comments under his publications contain indignation about the artist's participation in the recording of the song in support of the current Belarusian government.

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Earlier, Baskov and more than 20 other Russian and Belarusian artists, including Philip Kirkorov, Alexander Buinov, Diana Gurtskaya and Anita Tsoi, recorded a song entitled “Don't give your beloved. Artists for Peace ”. The authorship of the composition and the video belongs to the Belarusian musicians Yevgeny Oleinik and Yulia Bykova.

The name of the song was given by Lukashenka's phrase “They don’t give up their beloved”, which he uttered before the presidential elections in August. According to the text, a lot fell to the lot of the Belarusian people, but they always climbed “only up and forward”.

According to the author of the song and the video, the ability to comment and rate the video on YouTube was disabled by him due to threats to the artists who say they sang, but did not understand the political implications of the song.

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