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The son of Oleg Tabakov told for the first time how he survived from the theater founded by his father


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Another hero of the Irina Shikhman YouTube-show “Talk?” Was the son of Oleg Tabakov, People’s Artist of the USSR, Pavel. He spoke about the conflict with the leadership, as a result of which a young, ambitious actor was expelled from his native theater. All the rumors about his departure from the former "Snuffbox" turned out to be true.

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“Well, yes, I stopped playing. There should have been an introduction to the composition, but nobody told me about it, but I knew about it beforehand, because all the other participants of the performance had been told about it. I thought that if I was treated like that, then I would rather not get involved in it. What for. I'm a little proud is true, ”the project quotes Pavel Was stunned.

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By the way, and the circumstances themselves evolved in the direction of his departure. Pavel has long been focused on his film roles, and visited the former “Snuffbox” without joy. “After Oleg Pavlovich left, I came to play performances like this: I came, I must play. Without much joy. In the theater should want to go. I did not have this. I understood that there would not be that theater, but there were hopes that a new person would come and it would be very cool, ”said the heir to the master.

Photo: video frame YouTube / And talk?

As for the current management of the theater, Oleg Tabakov and the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, Tabakov Jr. noted that it is too early to judge anything. Much later, ticket sales and reviews from critics will become clear what's what. True, he immediately added that the artistic director in the theater can be appointed “from above” only if the opinion of the troupe is taken into account. Pavel is sure that if the actors in the Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov were to choose the artistic director, then this post would definitely have been occupied by Konstantin Khabensky.

“But best of all, when the theater itself decides. You can make an artistic council, but then experienced people should be there. But when a person comes to whom, in principle, this is not very necessary, who was not very close to this theater, then there are some questions to that, ”judged Tabakov Jr.

At the same time, he confessed his love for the “Snuffbox”, calling it his native theater.

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Oleg Tabakov. Photo of the press service of the theater

Paul still could not realize the sudden departure of his father. The artist rooted the impression that Oleg Tabakov flew to another planet, which is impossible to contact by phone. He noted that it is impossible to prepare for the death of parents, especially when you love them very much.

In addition, the son of a star said that he fully provides for himself and leads a rather calm lifestyle. Tabakov stressed that he does not focus on his famous family name and is trying to build his own career on his own. He has some plans.

“I dreamed that in 23 I would become a dad, in 43 I would divorce, and my son would be 20 years old. I will be all in tatuha, in a sports car, and together we will frame the girls, ”he joked.

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