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'His life fades into the background': why Andrei Myagkov has no heirs


Source: Radio KP

Andrey Myagkov and Anastasia Voznesenskaya got married in 1963 and lived together for over 55 years. Although Myagkov was often credited with novels with prominent partners in the film, he was loyal to one woman, says Radio KP.

Photo: video frame YouTube / Cinema Directorate

According to the recollections of acquaintances, the spouses lived very closed: they did not give interviews, did not appear at social events, and even rarely invited someone to visit them. Myagkov and Voznesenskaya were busy only with acting work. There was no place in their lives for anything else, including children.

“I didn't have a chance to have my own precisely because of my profession. Somehow your life involuntarily fades into the background, you think about it less, ”- once said the famous actor.

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His wife is of the same opinion. Anastasia Voznesenskaya said that if life had turned out differently, then perhaps there would have been children.

“We certainly wanted children. But obviously not to the extent that people want and have. I can't say that it somehow traumatized us, because I don't know another life, I have nothing to compare with, ”the actress once admitted.

At first, my colleagues did not understand Myagkov's obsession with work and his reclusive lifestyle. But then they decided that the actor thus hides his own disappointment with his profession. However, he shared his feelings only with his wife.

Recall that actor Andrei Myagkov passed away on February 18, 2021 at the age of 82.

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