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Wedding Cake: 7 Typical American Traditions


Source: The Spruce

A great wedding cake is the most important part of the celebration. As a rule, it is placed at the place of honor of the reception, where everyone can admire the cake. This carefully planned confection is a long tradition dating back to Roman and medieval times. Back then, instead of a multi-layered culinary masterpiece, buns were stacked on top of each other. Over the course of history in the United States, many traditions have been created surrounding the cake, and they are still relevant to this day. The Spruce.


Cake cutting

Along with the first dance and the bouquet, this charming moment, taken in the photo, remains in the wedding albums for life. Cutting the cake - a symbolic, the first type of joint business, which the couple perform as a couple. Although historically the bride did it herself, symbolizing the loss of innocence. But later, cutting the cake was not such an easy task - cakes in the United States are traditionally baked multi-layered and very large, because the number of guests at weddings has increased. Therefore, the bride needs the help of the groom. And usually they do not cut the whole cake, but cut only one piece.

Feeding each other

The second act of the traditional cake cutting ceremony is the moment when the bride and groom feed each other a piece of wedding treat. It can be very romantic and cute, symbolizes the commitment to help each other, show love and affection. The moment is better to rehearse - often a sweet moment turns into smearing cake crumbs on the partner's face. If you can't make it beautiful, just eat the cake on a plate.

Groom's cake

At the very first American weddings attended the so-called groom's cake. In the southern states of the United States, this tradition is maintained now. Many modern weddings have revived the tradition to emphasize the bridegroom's hobbies, his individual taste and even his favorite sports teams. Groom cakes are usually coated with chocolate to differ from the main wedding cake.

Top Conservation

It is very difficult not to leave the top of the wedding cake as a souvenir - it is left for the first anniversary or wedding ceremony. Previously, young American couples got married a year after the wedding, and that made sense. Now, many are laying off the top of the cake for the first anniversary of the marriage. A well-packed cake can lie quite a year in the freezer with a deep freeze - but it should not contain fresh fruit or tender mousses.

Sleep with a piece of cake under the pillow

It is believed that a person sleeping with a piece of wedding cake under the pillow will see his betrothed or wife in his sleep. This custom has almost 300-year history, often for him cakes are decorated with small details that are easy to break off and put under the pillow in a bag or a small box.


Little surprises

For them, you can choose a few small parts that have a special meaning, prediction, guests can find them in their treat piece (if you use inedible parts, accompany them with a ribbon - the guest will not break his teeth and immediately see that there is something in the piece):

  • Heart - true love
  • Kollechko - quick engagement
  • Baby chair - additions to the family
  • Clover or horseshoe - good luck
  • Anchor - Adventure
  • Flower - new love
  • Purse - good luck
  • Wedding bells - quick marriage

White wedding cake

White cover - a symbol of wealth and social significance since Victorian times. Today, there is no certain color that should decorate a wedding cake, but many young people continue to cakes for white cakes. Some brides order a cake that looks like a touch and decor on a wedding dress or bouquet. But first of all, white color is associated with purity and the beginning of a new life.

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