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Wedding etiquette: how to figure it all out if you are a bride


Source: Insider

We already wrote about how to behave in awkward situations if you invited to the wedding. Today, together with wedding etiquette guru Sharon Schweizer and Michael Serbelli, we will talk about the role of the bride: how to resolve controversial issues at your own wedding? Advice kindly provided Insider.


Your fiance invited his ex
If this is uncomfortable for you, it makes sense to resist. This day is dedicated to you and your love. There should be no one at the party who can distract your attention from each other or spoil the mood. Discuss the candidacy of each guest in advance and make a joint decision by approving the list. Do not call those who are "needed" - let there be only people you like.

You don't know if to invite a plus one guest
Who solves this issue? Should all married and married come together? As a rule, the budget of the wedding means that guests will come with spouses or partners. But sometimes finances are limited, and you have to invite only the closest. Specify this nuance in the invitations. This is normal. Your holiday - you decide who will come.

You are lost in the distribution of financial roles
It is best to get together two families and, depending on the relationship between them, calmly discuss the financial costs. Perhaps the groom's parents or your relatives want and are able to pay most of the expenses. Maybe everyone is interested in sharing the payment of wedding troubles equally. In any case, it is worth agreeing on a joint meeting, not by phone or Internet.

Someone from the organizers insists on ideas that you don’t like
Say “thank you” to an over-involved participant for their activity and enthusiasm, but still gently remind them that the wedding is yours. And if you do not like the idea of ​​organizing this or that moment, the decoration of the hall, the proposed scenario of the celebration, it is you who choose the best option, rejecting the rest.

Do you doubt whether you need to communicate with each guest
Wedding etiquette experts say that chatting with most of the guests at your wedding is very desirable. Yes, it is easy if the event is closed and there are few people, and it is much more difficult when more than a hundred people are invited. Nevertheless, it is always a pleasure to personally greet as many people as possible, or at least make an announcement of how grateful you are to everyone who came.

You do not have time to send thanks the next day.
Post-wedding efforts and honeymoons do not set up the newlyweds to send thanks to the guests. Etiquette allows you to do this for three months after the celebration. Everyone knows that you are busy, but, nevertheless, they will be glad to receive from you a few words of gratitude for the fact that they came to share your happiness. It is acceptable to send e-mails, but there is nothing more pleasant than a postcard signed by hand.

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