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Dry or dehydrated skin: what is the difference and how to choose a care product


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Most often, we do not get the expected result from the care due to the fact that we once incorrectly determined the type of skin. If it is still clear with the oily and combined type, then not every woman can independently distinguish dehydrated skin from just dry. Care, as you understand, in two cases will be different. Womanhit tells how to recognize your skin type and not be mistaken with the selection of care products.

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Signs of dry skin

  • Dry skin contains a minimal amount of fat, one might say, practically does not produce it.
  • Dry skin will never "please" with noticeable pores, perhaps this is one of the hallmarks of this type.
  • Dry skin is always easy to dry out even by simply washing with water.
  • On such skin you will not notice an active oily sheen.
  • Desquamation is common.
  • May become dull if not properly cared for.

What about dehydrated?

This problem can be faced by the owner of any type of skin, both dry and oily. Dehydration is not a skin type; it is a condition. What are the signs of dehydrated skin?

  • Low water content.
  • The development of a state of dehydration on oily skin is possible, this condition can be corrected by choosing the right care together with your beautician.
  • The pores can be both noticeable and very small.
  • The skin can be dry and tough, with an oily sheen and inflammation that is not usually seen on dry skin.

Remember, this is a condition, not a skin type. It can be changed if desired, but you will have to put up with the type of skin.

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Understanding dry skin care

One of the main rules when caring for dry skin is to replenish the lack of fat and provide the necessary protection. To solve this problem, we use products containing natural oils, beeswax and ceramides. You can use thick creams that will hardly clog your pores. As for cleansing, you must avoid harsh products, as well as soft ones with alcohol. It is best to choose micellar water or milk, which will not turn the skin into sandpaper with early wrinkles.

Experts advise choosing a multi-step care for dry skin, for example, a moisturizing emulsion, a serum and then a cream. Thus, the skin will be better protected from the external influences of an aggressive environment. Also, although dry, it needs exfoliation, but forget the scrub, your option is a light superficial exfoliation. Last but not least, your ideal product is always labeled “dry skin”.

As you can see, proper care will not allow even the driest skin to look bad. Now let's see how to cope with the problem of dehydration of the skin.

Unlike products for dry skin, which contain nourishing ingredients, owners of dehydrated skin should pay attention to products marked "moisturizing". The composition of such a tool contains glycerin, hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol, and chitosan.

As for creams, try to choose a composition that does not include mineral oils, it is best to give preference to serums and light emulsions, especially if we are talking about oily, dehydrated skin.

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An important rule is that after washing, we apply the tonic immediately, after which we proceed to further stages of care, you do not need to wait until all the moisture leaves the skin. As in the case of dry skin, we regularly exfoliate dehydrated skin, but again - with a mild exfoliation and no scrubs. In addition to external care, it is important to maintain water balance and consume at least one and a half liters of water per day, however, be careful, if you have problems with the excretory system, get a specialist advice.

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