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Spouses from Russia took disabled children from the orphanage for money, and then dealt with them


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In the Kemerovo region, the court put an end to the high-profile case of the Kraynov spouses: they were found guilty of killing adopted children. Eugene and Elena Krainov took the three teenagers from the correctional boarding school not at all to take care of them. The couple decided to use children with mental disabilities as cheap labor, but when they realized that their plan had failed, they turned to bullying. And after Kraynov paid the money laid down for the guardianship, they dealt first with one, and then with the second child.

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The correspondent understood the details of the resonance»Igor Nadezhdin.

From the materials of the criminal case - the testimony of witness Alesya Smirnova:

“My stepfather Yevgeny Krainov took custody of three children only in order to receive money for them, and so that there was someone to work in the garden and repair the house. But he immediately began to beat both older boys - for what they ate badly, for the fact that they specifically did the opposite. On his orders, the eldest of the children, Ivan, having worked for a week on repairs and in the garden, was forever locked in one of the rooms, and the door was specially secured with a wooden board so that he could not go out.

They took him out only to the toilet and eat after everyone else ate. I have been living in Novokuznetsk for several years, 35 kilometers from home, and come to my mother occasionally - because I have a bad relationship with my stepfather.

In the summer of 2015, I saw Vanya for the last time - he was taken out of the room to the toilet. He was all blue, one solid bruise.

Once upon a time in Kuzbass

Evgeny Krainov and Elena Kuropyatnik met at the beginning of the 2000s. Both at that time had their own families, and Elena and her husband raised a little daughter, Alesya, who was born in 1997. Elena had her own business - she created a small lingerie store, and Eugene, like many years in a row, worked as a driver. In 2004, Elena’s husband went missing; he was never found. By that time, Eugene became a father and divorced his wife.

He met Elena in 2009, and already in 2011 they were married. Then Elena sold her apartment in the town of Myski, and with the money raised she bought a one-room apartment in Novokuznetsk and a half-house in the village of Podobas. Her 17-year-old daughter Alesia settled in the apartment, whose relationship with her stepfather clearly did not work out: they not only cursed, but sometimes fought. And Elena herself and Eugene settled in Podobas. It was no coincidence that she bought half the house: its second part almost fell apart - and the Kraynovs got a chance to buy it for a pittance, but they were in no hurry to do it.

In 2013, the couple had a daughter, who was named Barbara. Only after that, the Kraynovs decided to come to grips with the second part of the house: they began to slowly disassemble it in order to rebuild it for themselves. However, it was difficult, and in a conversation with neighbors the Kraynovs often repeated that they needed working hands - and where to get them if there was no money. That would be an adult son ...

In the city of Myski there is a special institution of social protection - Myskovsky orphanage for mentally retarded children. They are often taken under guardianship by local residents - firstly, the government pays to the guardians, albeit a small but stable salary. Secondly, most of the expenses for children are also on the budget. As for the children themselves, often their condition becomes not a consequence of health problems, but a defect in education. And with due care and attention, many of them begin to study in ordinary schools.

And the Krainovs, who had a two-year-old daughter, also decided to take custody - and immediately over three children. They collected all the papers, unlearned at special courses - and in April of the 2015 of the year they concluded an agreement, taking with them the 17-year-old Ivan, the 15-year-old Boris and the 14-year-old Inessa. All three adopted children were with severe intellectual disabilities.

Therefore, the state monthly paid Kraynov more than 80 thousand rubles (about 1250 dollars) - both for the purchase of everything necessary for children, and for their improved nutrition, and for socialization. The same amount included pensions for children with disabilities and the salaries of guardians. In addition, when concluding an agreement for each child, the guardians are paid a lump sum at a time - about 100 thousand rubles (more than 1550 dollars).

Already during the investigation, the Krainovs will claim that they were driven by good intentions and they wanted to help the children. But they failed to convince the court of this: the real guardians choose children younger and more smart. And the Kraynovs took those whom no one else wanted to take - almost adult, complex children. At the same time, all friends actively tried to dissuade the spouses from this step.

“Dad, don’t beat me - I won’t!”

The contract was drawn up before the May holidays, April 29 2015 year. And already at the holidays themselves, Yevgeny Krainov and two adopted children began to dismantle the destroyed half of the house on Svetly Street in the village of Podobas. Work went on in the garden, which was clear from the sounds: children and adults mowed grass, watered the beds and dragged food to rabbits. And sometimes the whole street heard cries and screams - "Dad, don’t beat me - I won’t!" Or less often - "Mom, don’t!"

Surprisingly, the whole street was convinced: the Kraynovs took two teenagers 13-14 years old, a boy and a girl who are used in construction. The third, oldest child, most of the neighbors did not see. The reason is simple: shortly after the custody was issued, the Kraynovs killed the 17-year-old Ivan, and his body was burned.

Evgeny Krainov shows the place where he burned the body of Ivan. Photo: SU IC RF in the Kemerovo region

From the materials of the criminal case - the testimony of a witness, a resident of the village of Podobas:

“It was surprising to me that they [the Kraynovs] were allowed to adopt mentally retarded children, three of them at once. It seems to me that they could not cope with their own children, and here - strangers, sick fools. I even tried to dissuade them myself - but they really wanted to arrange custody. And they did not hide that because of the financial situation. They even boasted: for each child they immediately give almost 100 thousands of lifting, and almost 30 thousand per month for food, clothes and medicine. We didn’t even think about education - we will teach or force. They said so directly. ”

The exact date of Ivan’s death has not been established: according to the investigation, he was killed between May 5 and October 1 of October 2015. Ivan, the only one of all adopted children, had a relative - grandfather. His daughter was deprived of parental rights for drunkenness, and he himself was not allowed to take custody of the teenager because of the difficult financial situation. But grandfather often visited his grandson in a boarding house, presented him with a mobile phone and forced him to memorize his phone number.

Ivan called him regularly when he wanted to talk - their last conversation took place on 2 on June 2015 of the year. Grandfather didn’t have legal rights to look for a teenager, and he was very upset: “Even if Vanya lost his phone, he knew my number by heart ...”

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“I will kill you if you don’t obey”

Until March 2016, no one knew anything about the disappearance of Ivan. But in March, the Kraynovs eldest daughter, Alesya Smirnova, came to the police with a statement that her stepfather had beaten her and threatened to kill her. And she asks to take action, because she is afraid for her life. The police began to question Ales in detail, asked to accurately convey the words of the stepfather - and received his verbatim quote: "I killed Ivan, I have nothing to lose - I will kill you if you don’t obey!"

From the materials of the criminal case - the testimony of witness Alesya Smirnova:

Until the spring of 2016, I did not know what happened to the children taken from the boarding school. But in March, Inessa, whom my stepfather Zhenya took custody of, told me in great secret: our mother was offended by Ivan for vomiting during lunch, grabbed an ax and hit him on the head three times. Ivan fell and blood began to flow from his head. And then dad drove Ivan back to the boarding school. And then dad took offense at Sasha, that he was crap one's pants, and hit him on the head with logs. After this, Sasha fell ill, lay at home for several days - and he was also handed back to the boarding school.

I didn’t tell anyone, but on the eve Zhenya began to boast that they had already saved up almost a million rubles - of the money that the state pays for the children, and I have to obey them, otherwise they will expel me from the apartment. A quarrel arose and he promised to kill me if I did not obey. ”

“As if suffocating and crying”

At first, the police did not believe Ales - her story was too unbelievable. But the information received from the girl began to be secretly checked. Almost immediately it became clear: persistent rumors were circulating in the village of Podobas that the Kraynov had killed one of the guardianship children and ate it, so as not to mess with the body. Then it was established that Yevgeny Krainov is indeed a guardian and receives monthly large sums for children whom few have seen. In April 2016, in connection with the disappearance of Ivan, a criminal case was opened under article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Murder”).

But then the police on emotions made a serious puncture: they detained Yevgeny Krainov and tried to find out from him the fate of the children. “The eldest, Ivan, is already 18 years old, he is an adult and went to my stepdaughter Ales. Together they went to the sauna, from where he escaped. But sometimes he comes to Ales to eat, but only when she is not at home, ”Krainov calmly told the police. Naturally, he did not admit to the murder.

The man had to be released - there was no evidence then; however, close observation was established of him. The Kraynov gave themselves away: they began to persuade all the neighbors to testify that they had seen Ivan in the park at the festival — they say that they spend the whole family out there every weekend. Meanwhile, due to the stupid mistake of one of the police officers, Elena Krainova learned that her own daughter Alesia testified with her husband: the operative forgot to delete the name of the girl from the materials sent to the court.

Elena Krainova during interrogation. Photo: SU IC RF in the Kemerovo region

On the same day, the Kraynov drove Alesya out of an apartment in Novokuznetsk - and again began to threaten her to change her testimony. Soon Alesia was taken under state protection, and the investigator had no doubts - Ivan was indeed killed.

“Elena’s first husband, Igor Kuropyatnik, went missing - but Elena told everyone that he was burned alive in the boiler room,” Colonel of Justice Elena Mosolova, investigator for particularly important cases of the Investigative Committee of the Investigative Committee in the Kemerovo Region, told - And she even had a favorite saying: "There is no body - no business." Therefore, Elena in all conversations with neighbors and relatives said: they [the investigators] will not prove anything. But Kraynova nevertheless sent her husband and ward girl to the Krasnodar Territory, and she began to sell property for a penny - both a business, an apartment in Novokuznetsk, and a house in Podobas.

However, of all the evidence of the murder of Ivan, the investigation had only the words of Alesi, and this was not enough. They continued to observe the Kraynovs and carefully studied their lifestyle, but there were no serious shifts. The suspects themselves knew that they were “under the hood” - the neighbors told them about the increased attention of the police. Nevertheless, both Elena and Yevgeny Krainov were convinced: as long as there is no body of Ivan, they are not in danger.

In August 2016 of the year, they beat to death the second boy - 15-year-old Boris.

He was hit several times on the head with wooden logs, and then they laid him in the room when his parents came to visit the Kraynovs. It was Evgeni's mother who drew attention to the strange wheezing from the room of her adopted son - "as if suffocating and crying." She went to the teenager and saw that he was covered with a blanket with his head, but Elena drove out the mother-in-law from the room, saying that "Borya is simply snoring in his sleep."

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“I have melted it to the depth”

Meanwhile, the investigator was able to establish that not one of the Kraynov’s stories was confirmed by anything. All friends and girlfriends of Alesi who went to the sauna with her reported that they had not seen any teenager with the girl. As it turned out, the Krainovs went to traditional family walks only with their native Varey. And the doctors in the clinic said that the necessary medicines were prescribed exclusively to Elena Krainova - none of the children she cares for came to the reception.

In September 2016, Elena Kraynova, quickly selling all the property, left for her husband in the Krasnodar Territory. There, on September 16, the spouses were detained, after which they were taken to Kemerovo in custody. At the first interrogation, under the weight of the evidence, Yevgeny Krainov gave a confession: two adopted children were killed. He burned the body of Ivan in a clearing, and the remains of Boris can still be found.

“They wrapped Boris in a blanket, then in an old palace, tied them up in three places with an electric wire, tied a slag block - of those that remained from the dismantled half of the house — loaded them into a Mitsubishi car and took them out of the city of Myski to a reservoir. There, in a car camera, I fused it to a depth. At a distance of about eight meters from the shore, he threw it into the water and pressed it with a bitch from a tree so that it would not come up, ”Krainov said and showed both places of the killings. His wife refused to plead guilty.

The clothes of a teenager found in a swamp, who were killed by the Krainovs. Photo: SU SKR in the Kemerovo region

“They poured boiling water from the kettle onto the back”

If at first the neighbors, at the request of the Kraynovs, gave only statements favorable to them, then after the discovery of the body of the murdered Boris, the evidence began to change. Bit by bit, in short phrases, the investigation was able to recreate the real picture of those terrible conditions in which children were taken into custody by the Kraynov family.

From the materials of the criminal case - reconstruction of the last months of life of minors Boris and Ivan, as well as reconstruction of the circumstances of their death:

“In the period from May 5 to October 1 of the 2015 of the year (...) Evgeny Krainov and Elena Krainova forced Ivan, suffering from diarrhea and extreme exhaustion, to eat his own feces and feces of domestic animals, as well as his own vomit, brutally beating him, locked him up for a long time, for a period of not less than seven days, in the premises of a former toilet located on a personal plot. They inflicted beatings, including with any improvised objects, including a metal poker and fragments of metal reinforcement. Beatings were regularly inflicted on all parts of the body, including vital ones.

Not later than 1 of October 2015 of the year, Elena Krainova inflicted at least eight blows on the head and body with an unidentified metal object to Ivan, as a result of which, after a short time, the boy died from an open head injury.

Similar actions in the same period of time and for the same reasons, Eugene and Elena Krainov committed in relation to the ward of Boris. In addition, on November 22 of November 2015, Eugene and Elena Krainov poured boiling water from the kettle onto the back of Boris, who was being patronized, causing him thermal burns of the 2 degree. In the future, in order to avoid possible disclosure, they did not call doctors, thereby depriving the ward of the right to medical care.

Kraynov’s house on Svetlaya street in the village of Podobas. Photo: SU IC RF in the Kemerovo region

Between 18 and 20 on August 2016, Yevgeny Krainov, under an insignificant pretext, struck at least three blows on the head and body of a minor Boris, then at least four times hit his head on a metal door leading to the summer kitchen, then pushed him aside wooden cabinet, while Boris hit his left temple on the corner of this cabinet and fell to the floor.

After that, Elena Krainova grabbed the fallen Boris by the clothes and dragged him across the floor from the kitchen to the room, where she again pushed him to the floor with force. Having discovered that after these actions Boris lost consciousness, Eugene and Elena Krainov, fearing exposure, laid him on the bed and covered him with a blanket. For a long time, from 12 to 48 hours, they did not take any measures to help the victim. ”

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During the investigation, Evgeny Krainov changed his testimony five times, then blaming all the blame on his wife, then taking responsibility. But Elena Krainova was consistent: only her husband was engaged in raising children, she was formally nothing to the children - the contract "On a foster family" was concluded only for Eugene. The accused stubbornly called all the evidence against her a slander. Krainova even agreed to pass a lie detector test - and then in every possible way refused the results, claiming that they were falsified. That's because the polygraph showed: Elena is lying on all the questions asked to her about the circumstances of the life and death of the dead Ivan and Boris.

Already during the investigation it became clear that the guardianship authorities did not visit the Kraynovs at all, did not check their living conditions, and all the notes were made according to Elena. Doctors have never even examined children, although they regularly made notes on outpatient cards. And receipts for the purchase of clothing for children were all issued to one by one by individual entrepreneur Elena Krainova - although she never sold men's clothing and stationery.

“I am internally convinced that the Kraynov’s children were taken only for the sake of money and free labor,” says Colonel of Justice Elena Mosolova. - They did not want to engage in child-rearing and socialization for a minute. They directed all care only to their own youngest daughter. Children with intellectual disabilities for the Kraynovs from the very beginning were only a burden.

Eugene and Elena Krainov were accused of unlawful deprivation of liberty, torture, as well as inflicting grievous bodily harm, which resulted in the death of two juveniles who were obviously helpless, teenagers.

Their trial lasted almost two years. The evidence gathered was convincing: Eugene was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment, and Elena - to 15 years.

The surviving Inessa returned to the boarding school. The Kraynov’s own daughter, Varvara, was removed from the family.

The house of convicts in the village of Podobas is empty: the new owners are still trying to sell it.

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