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Supermodel Tyra Banks showed her New York apartments for 17,5 million dollars


Source: LLNYC

Tyra Banks, a supermodel and TV presenter of the popular show “America's Next Top Model”, has opened her apartments in New York to journalists in connection with the sale of the house and the move.

Journalists Edition Elle decor the star's luxury accommodations are reported to be located in one of New York's greenest neighborhoods, Battery Park City, on the banks of the Hudson River in southwest Manhattan. The apartment has 5 bedrooms, a gym, a mini office and even a personal hair salon. The apartment is on sale for $ 17,5 million.

Tyra Banks reports that he is selling a luxury apartment in connection with the move to a bigger mansion. Where is her new home and how it is furnished, while the secret.

Tyra Banks missed one season of America's Next Top Model due to the birth of her child to a surrogate mother. But this spring, she thanked her replacement Rita Oro and announced her return. The effect of her return to the show was further enhanced by the fact that Tyra Banks removed all age restrictions for the participants in the show.

23 of the season “Top American-style” was shot, and participants always had to be younger than 27 years. Do you know what I heard every time? “Tyra, what are you doing? Why age restrictions? And you know what? Down with them! I don't care how old you are. You only need to be able to smile with your eyes and learn to walk on the catwalk.

Tyra Banks and previously lifted restrictions on his show. So participants were shown to the show with various flaws in appearance, with skin diseases, restrictions on weight and on the floor were lifted. By her actions, Tyra Banks tried to show that the canons of beauty are very conditional.

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