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Jar soup and deep-fried butter: how Americans eat inedible


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Some of the favorite foods and foods of Americans are almost impossible to eat for people who come from other countries. Whereas US residents can consume them daily and in large quantities. At the same time, they sincerely wonder why others do not like it, writes the author of the channel “American MOTHER»On Yandex Zen.

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1. Sugar

I think it's worth starting with the fact that sugar is added to almost all American dishes. Bread, sausages and other foods have a sweet taste. Very unusual for us.

2. Cakes

They are very beautiful in appearance, but they taste quite specific. Thick biscuit cakes are saturated with a very thin layer of cream. The cream most often consists of whipped cream and a huge amount of sugar. Not every non-resident of the United States can finish even a piece of such a cake. But Americans, accustomed to absorb sugar from childhood, are very fond of such desserts.

Of course, in America you can buy the cakes we are used to, but it is very expensive and they are sold in special stores.

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3. Soup

What is commonly called soup in America is considered by almost all Russians to be an inedible slurry. The substance, poured out of a can and heated, only vaguely resembles the first dish chosen by the inhabitants of our country. Yes, it may be convenient, and there is no need to waste time on cooking, but it should be tasty too. The only plus is a wide variety of such jars.

4. Deep-fried oil

Just imagine: you take pieces of butter, make balls out of them, sprinkle with sweet breading and throw them into boiling butter. Have you presented? Do you think it's delicious? Healthy? But Americans are very fond of such a delicacy.

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5. Huge portions

In addition, no matter how tasty or healthy the product or the dish made from it, the portion size matters. The portions in America are huge. It is almost impossible to finish the ordered dish alone.

You come across such oddities in food when you come to America. Of course, you can not eat these dishes and products. But everything else is also quite specific for the Russian stomach. Being in the USA for a long time, you begin to slowly get used to such food. And some of the products gradually evoke certain sympathies in you. But, to be honest, what I like most of all is how they organize the system of selling, designing and displaying products. Being in a supermarket, you really want to buy and try everything.

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