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The court sentenced Mikhail Efremov for a fatal road accident


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The Presnensky Court of Moscow read out the verdict to the actor Mikhail Efremov. He was sentenced to eight years in a general regime colony for a fatal road accident in which the driver-courier Sergei Zakharov died. The court concluded that Efremov got behind the wheel drunk, writes Air force.

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Efremov was found guilty under the article of the Criminal Code "violation of traffic rules, resulting in the death of a person by negligence." The punishment for her is from five to 12 years in prison. Until now, he was under house arrest.

“Efremov should be sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment in a general regime colony,” Judge Elena Abramova read out. She believed that the correction of an actor is possible only in conditions of isolation from society.

After that, the actor was taken into custody in the courtroom - he was handcuffed. He himself did not comment on the verdict in any way.

Abramova also banned Efremov from driving for the next three years.

Zakharov's eldest son, Vitaly, asked Efremov for more than 7 million rubles as compensation for moral damage, but the court awarded him 800 thousand rubles.

The symbolic one ruble lawsuit filed by Zakharov's wife, his brother and one of his sons, Abramova could not resolve, proposing to do so in the framework of civil proceedings.

Abramova considered that Efremov's guilt "is fully supported by the evidence, despite the non-admission of guilt." She called mitigating circumstances that Efremov had young children, a student daughter, as well as charity work and the fact that he had not been previously prosecuted.

Abramova also considered that Efremov partially admitted guilt.

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The guilty verdict was based on the testimony of eyewitnesses who saw Efremov in the driver's seat on the day of the accident, records from the accident scene and the results of an examination that found the actor's DNA on the driver's airbag.

The prosecution witnesses (apart from ordinary eyewitnesses, these are police officers and experts), according to the judge, had no motive to slander the actor and there is no reason not to trust their testimony, since they are consistent with other evidence in the case.

The version of the defense, according to which Efremov was in the car, but did not drive it, the court considered unreliable, since it contradicts other materials of the case. In addition, the judge drew attention to the fact that at the stage of the preliminary investigation, the actor admitted his guilt. The court did not accept Efremov's statements that he did not remember anything about the circumstances of the accident.

Abramova reacted with suspicion to the testimony of witnesses who claimed to have seen Efremov at the passenger seat. “The court cannot recognize them as reliable, because they do not have any additional confirmation… and they contain significant contradictions,” she read out.

The judge did not find information that Zakharov received poor quality medical care in the case file. His death, Abramova read out, is directly related to the fact that Efremov violated the traffic rules while intoxicated.

Prosecutor Diana Galiullina asked to give Efremov 11 years in prison. The actor in the last word called such a term "a death sentence." His lawyer Elman Pashayev asked not to deprive the actor of his freedom or send him to a colony-settlement.

On the day of the verdict, an impressive group of supporters came to support Efremov. Middle-aged women who attended each session stood at the porch of the Prenensky court with photographs of the actor and periodically shouted: “Mikhail is not to blame! Michael is not to blame! "

They greeted the lawyers of the deceased driver's family with shouts of "Shame!" One of the women had an icon in her hands. Actor Nikita Dzhigurda and a shaman in traditional dress came to court.

Efremov's relatives and colleagues listened to the verdict in the courtroom. Among them were the actor's wife Sofya Kruglyakova, his sister, singer Garik Sukachev, actors Ivan Okhlobystin, Nikita Vysotsky, Tatyana Berkovich, artist Yevgeny Mitta. Writer Dmitry Bykov was waiting for the verdict at the courtroom.

At the moment when Abramova was already reading the verdict, arrests began at the court - police officers took two men to a paddy wagon. One of them laid out photographs of Mikhail Efremov and lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky on a bedspread and began to conjure over them.

Efremov himself came to the announcement of the verdict with one folder in his hands; already during the announcement of the verdict, the driver in the black Maybach delivered a bag with things to the courtroom.

Photo: video frame YouTube / BBC News - Russian Service

How was the process

The accident, the circumstances of which were examined by the Presnensky Court, occurred on the evening of June 8. The car “Lada” of the courier Zakharov, who worked for the “Delikateska” company, moved along the outer side of the Garden Ring. Near Smolenskaya Square, a Jeep Cherokee belonging to Efremov unexpectedly flew into a truck. The court concluded that it was the actor who was driving the SUV - and in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Zakharov received multiple fractures and lost a lot of blood. For a long time it could not be removed from the wrecked car. By the morning of the next day, he died at the Sklifosovsky Institute. The cause of death was traumatic shock, blood loss, pneumothorax and fat embolism - a condition in which, due to fractures, particles of adipose tissue enter the vessels.

According to the results of analyzes taken after the accident, Efremov was found to be heavily intoxicated, as well as traces of cocaine and cannabinoids.

Efremov admitted his guilt before the trial. Already under house arrest, he published a video message in which he apologized to the courier's family. “I don’t know how and with what words to ask forgiveness from the family of Sergei Zakharov. But I still ask, although I know that they will not forgive. I, of course, will help them, by all means, if they accept and if they understand that this is an attempt not to buy off, but to redeem. I have no forgiveness from my wife, from my children ... The end. There is no longer any Efremov, ”the actor said in it.

But at the very first meeting, Efremov refused to admit his guilt, referring to the fact that he did not remember anything. He changed his decision only towards the very end of the process: before the start of the debate of the parties, he unexpectedly told Judge Abramova to admit his guilt, and in the last word he repented of what had happened.

Nevertheless, over the month that the trial lasted, the actor's lawyers - Elman Pashayev and Elizaveta Shargorodskaya - managed to present to Elena Abramova many versions of Efremov's innocence.

According to one of them, on the day of the accident he was not driving at all. Several witnesses even spoke in court, who reported that they had seen Efremov in the passenger seat. Two of them, Alexander Kobets and Andrei Gaev, shortly before the accident, according to their own testimony, were drinking beer in the yard near the Garden Ring, and then ended up at the scene.

Kobets said that he clearly saw the figure of Efremov in the right seat, and the driver of the car, according to him, was a man of “38 years old,” with brown eyes and dark hair. An unknown person, to whom the witness offered help, allegedly sent him and threatened him with problems. Then Kobets and Gaev, who by that time also saw Efremov in the passenger of the jeep, decided to leave the scene of the accident.

True, Kobets could not find himself on numerous videos from the accident scene. In addition, he admitted that he was slightly drunk, and also had vision problems - he, according to his own confession, barely saw the prosecutor Galiullin from two meters.

The lawyers of the Zakharov family - Alexander Dobrovinsky, Irina Khairullina and Anna Butyrina represented his widow, brother and youngest son, and Sergei Avertsev and Tatyana Golovkina - the elder - expressed the hope that the witnesses would be prosecuted for knowingly giving false testimony.

According to another version, which was proposed by Abramova Pashayev, Zakharov could have died not from injuries sustained in the accident, but from the actions of eyewitnesses of the incident. After the impact, the “Lada” of the courier fell on its side - passers-by and other drivers put it back on the wheels.

Pashayev tried to prove that this, as well as the late arrival of the ambulance, could be the direct cause of the death of the man. But such a theory in court was criticized by the doctor Svetlana Romodanovskaya, who examined Zakharov's body.

She explained to Abramova and the others that it is possible to inflict new injuries on the victim while moving only if his spine is broken. Zakharov had no such injuries. Moreover, it was necessary to turn his car over for the body to take a more natural position, said Romodanovskaya. The fact that the driver died precisely from those injuries that he received in a collision with Efermov's car did not cause any doubts in her.

Photo: video frame YouTube / BBC News - Russian Service

What else did the process remember?

But most of all, the trial in the case of Efremov was remembered not by the analysis of the versions of the defense, but by the mutual accusations that the lawyers of the parties, headed by Pashayev and Dobrovinsky, regularly exchanged.

Pashayev reproached Dobrovinsky for allegedly because of him the Zakharov family refused to accept any financial assistance from Efremov. Friends of the actor in court said that they repeatedly tried to transfer money to Zakharov's relatives, but each time they referred to the fact that they could not do this without the permission of lawyers.

The relatives themselves, Pashayev accused of self-interest and the fact that they “run on TV” and do not grieve over the death of the head of the family. Efremov was silent for most of the process, reading the books he brought with him or drawing in a notebook, and periodically snapped at his opponents. On the day when the Zakharov family spoke in court, he almost did not look in the direction of the victims and did not apologize to them. Later, during the debate, the lawyers of the relatives drew attention to this, who considered Efremov's repentance insincere.

Prosecutor Galliulina, speaking at the end of the process, said that if the actor showed sympathy for the victims and admitted guilt earlier, this could ease his punishment.

Efremov himself said in his last word that he does not feel negative towards the victims and “worries about them very much,” and did not want to apologize to them in the courtroom, so that he would not be accused of trying to stage a show.

The actor added that if he wanted to, he could use the telephone right and “get away” from punishment, but he did not.

“I'm stumped. Whatever I did, I am wrong in everything ... I admit my guilt, I regret what I did, if I did it. If I am, I do not even know what to do next. Alcohol is a wild evil, you need to know when to stop. If you don’t know, you’ll go to the bunk for 30 years. I sincerely repent and sympathize, ”he said in his last word and asked the court to pass a“ legal sentence ”on him.

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While waiting for Efremov on the street before the court, his fans discussed what to shout to the actor when the FSIN officers took him to the pre-trial detention center.

“He admitted his guilt, let's shout that we will wait for him,” one suggested.

- No, we know that he is not guilty! This is what you need to shout, ”another answered.

- But he admitted guilt, - the interlocutor answered in confusion.

- Didn't admit anything! He said that if he was driving, he repents! He himself does not know whether he was or was not!

- We need to shout that we demand release!

The discussion continued until the very appearance of Efremov. Rain is coming. “Nature is crying,” said one of the sympathizers.

The actor who appeared in handcuffs was greeted with shouts of "Freedom!"

As ForumDaily Woman wrote earlier:

  • June 8, Mikhail Efremov, while intoxicated, became a participant in an accident in the center of Moscow... His car crashed into a van, the driver of which, courier Sergei Zakharov, died soon after in the hospital due to injuries incompatible with life. Efremov was placed under house arrest until August 9.
  • Journalist Sergei Parkhomenko, who has known Mikhail Efremov since childhood, said that the artist started drinking alcohol at age 13.
  • On June 13, the suspect spoke to the public and apologized to relatives - did it in a video, and not at a meeting or by phone.
  • June 16 for the first time commented at the Sovremennik Theater.
  • June 18, the first statement made son of Mikhail Efremov, famous actor Nikita Efremov.
  • At the first court session on August 5, Mikhail Efremov stated that doesn't remember anything about the accident, so he cannot admit guilt. Earlier, the defense of the accused stated that the artist was definitely in the car at the time of the accident, but it was not proven that he was driving. The actor himself said that he did not remember the events of that evening at all. He disagreed with the charges.
  • August 6 at the Presnensky Court of Moscow the meeting was held in the case of Mikhail Efremov. Eyewitnesses said that the driver Mikhail Zakharov was conscious after the collision, and Efremov could hardly stand on his feet.
  • On August 7, Mikhail Efremov's lawyer Elman Pashayev said that his client does not admit his guilt in a fatal road accident in the center of Moscow. In light of the new statement of non-recognition of guilt, the journalists wanted to know how Efremov himself explains the accident. But his lawyer refused to answer the question about this, referring to the secrecy of the investigation.
  • September 3 Efremov admitted in court his fault in an accident in the center of Moscow, as a result of which a person died. The prosecution requested 11 years in prison as a punishment.

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