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The court refused a woman to find the father of her child


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Does a child have the right to know his father? And if the mother can name only thatwho spent the hot nights?

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A woman appealed to the Munich court demanding to find the father of her young child. In the distant 2010 year, in one of the hotels in Galli, the beauty spent 3 nights with a man with whom she shared a room. After 9 months, a boy was born to the vacationer. And the newly-made mother set out to look for the father of the baby, so that later the son could count on the support of the second parent. But how to find a person if you only know his name Michael?

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At first, without thinking twice, the woman contacted the hotel administration to get the address and personal data of Michael, the potential father of her child. But the hotel refused, motivating its answer for several reasons. First, in the period of interest to the lady, a few Michael stayed at the hotel. Secondly, there is too little information about a man, besides his name, for the administration to be sure of finding a specific person. Thirdly, each guest of the hotel has the right to confidentiality of personal information.

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The Munich court also rejected the suit of the young mother about the publication of data about hotel clients. A man named Michael, even if he is the father of a child, has the right to the integrity of his own personal and sexual life. Perhaps he has a family, his own children. And this gives him a greater priority in protecting the rights of his own family than the mother of a young child who is in search of support and alimony. Moreover, the court refused to disclose the personal data of all four hotel guests named Michael.

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