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The trial of Efremov: the results of the examination were announced, but the actor himself 'does not remember anything'


Source: RIA News

Actor Mikhail Efremov said that he does not remember anything about the accident, so he cannot admit his guilt, reports

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In Moscow, the trial of Mikhail Efremov began, the actor claims that he is not guilty of the fatal accident.

“I understand the charge brought against me. How can I admit my guilt when I don't remember anything? " - said the artist at the trial.

Biological traces of actor Mikhail Efremov were found on the driver's airbag, which went off at the time of the fatal accident. This suggests that it was the actor who drove the car, the prosecutor said in the Presnensky Court of Moscow, where the hearing on the merits began, notes "RIA News".

“Sweat and bacterial cells were found on the deployed driver's airbags, which, according to DNA research, belong to Efremov,” the state prosecution representative announced the results of the examination.

Earlier, the defense of Efremov stated that the artist was definitely in the car at the time of the accident, but it was not proven that he was driving. The actor himself said that he did not remember the events of that evening at all. He disagreed with the charges.

The lawyer of the victims, Alexander Dobrovinsky, said that earlier the artist had appeared at the pre-trial hearing and "stated that he was not an actor, but an individual entrepreneur."

Efremov, speaking in court, also asked to reprimand the lawyer of the injured party because of the “offensive comments”.

“Please pay attention to the insinuations about me from Alexander Dobrovinsky. My minor children, when they go to the sections, to sports, they communicate with friends who watch TV. And there the materials of the case are shown in the programs, where I allegedly admitted my guilt, there are insinuations and insults against me. Since I am a Spartak fan, I am no stranger to it, but these are children. I ask the court to reprimand them, ”said Efremov.

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Earlier, the prosecutor said in court that during a fatal accident in the center of Moscow, Efremov exceeded the permissible speed by 25 kilometers per hour.

“I was driving at a speed of 85 kilometers per hour,” the prosecutor said, announcing the charge.

The traffic police officer who worked at the scene of the accident said in court that the artist was very drunk. This was later confirmed during a medical examination.

“There were signs of a state of intoxication - the smell of alcohol, unsteady gait, appropriate behavior ... He agreed to a medical examination, we went. It was established that the intoxication was strong - 1,05 or 1,25 (ppm - Ed.), ”- said the traffic police officer Alexander Kozlov.

At the same time, Efremov himself said in court that he did not remember how he was taken to the examination.

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Also, law enforcement officers announced the results of the examination.

An analysis for drugs was taken from Efremov immediately after the accident.

"According to the results of the analysis, traces of drugs - cocaine and marijuana, were found in the blood of Efremov," the prosecutor said, without specifying the concentration.

Earlier, RIA Novosti was informed about this by a source in law enforcement agencies, but this information was not officially confirmed then.

At the same time, the source stated that “residual traces” were found, that he “once used drugs before, this is unlikely to be reflected in this accident”.

The actor himself has not yet commented on information about alcohol and drugs.

According to investigators, on the evening of June 8, Efremov drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee into the oncoming lane on the Garden Ring in Moscow and collided with a Lada, the driver of which, the courier of the online store Sergey Zakharov, died of his injuries in the hospital. The actor faces up to 12 years in prison.

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