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Green beans: how to cook this healthy product quickly and correctly


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Asparagus or green beans are a very feminine product. It is low in calories, while it contains the right carbohydrates and a lot of fiber. How to cook it correctly - tells Lifehacker.

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String beans are a very healthy product. It contains vitamins A, C, E. On sale, most often it can be found in frozen form. Frozen green beans almost completely retains the properties of fresh. We tell you how to cook this product!

How to prepare green beans

Frozen beans do not need to be thawed beforehand. If you wish, you can rinse it.

Fresh legumes need to be washed. Usually the ends are cut off from them. You can also cut the beans into several shorter parts.

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How to cook fresh and frozen green beans

For the most part, it depends on your taste preferences. Most often, the beans are brought to softness, while it remains dense, with a light crunch. To make it just like that, cook as much as indicated in the recipes below. Depending on the cooking method, preparing fresh legumes will take from 5 to 15 minutes, and frozen ones from 3 to 10.

If you cook the pods a little less, they will be al dente and will remain even more crispy.

To preserve a beautiful shade for sure, immediately after cooking, you can lower the beans into ice water for several minutes. This method is good for making salads, because with bright pods, the dishes will be much more appetizing.

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If you like fully softened beans, add a few more minutes to the time below. But keep in mind: the longer it takes to cook, the darker it becomes. Fix it with cold water will not work.

How to cook green beans on the stove

  • In water

Put the pods in boiling salted water. Determine the amount of salt to your taste.

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Wait for the water to boil again. From this moment, cook frozen beans for 3-4 minutes, and fresh - 5-7 minutes.

  • Couple

Boil water in a saucepan. Install a colander or special steamer on top. It must not touch the liquid.

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Put the beans there and cover. Add salt if you wish. Cook frozen 3-5 minutes, and fresh - 6-7 minutes.

How to cook green beans in a slow cooker

  • In water

Pour boiling water into the multicooker bowl, add salt and toss the beans. Cook in Cooking mode. Frozen will take 8-10 minutes, and fresh - about 15 minutes.

  • Couple

Pour 3 cups of hot water into the multicooker bowl, salt if desired. Place a steaming container on top. Put the pods there. Cook frozen for 6–7 minutes in Steaming mode, and fresh for 8–10 minutes.

How to Cook String Beans in the Microwave

Place the pods in a microwave-safe container. Pour a small amount of hot water, salt. Cover with a lid or plate. Cook frozen beans for 2-3 minutes at a power of 800 watts, and fresh - about 4 minutes.

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