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Strategic reserve: what foods can be stored for as long as possible


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Due to quarantine restrictions, people again began to make large food stocks. Rambler will tell which products it makes sense to buy.

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Sugar and honey

Honey does not lose its palatability for several years, although it can be sugared over the years. However, in this form it can be used. The main thing is to store it correctly - in a glass container and in a dark room. Sugar remains usable for five years, if kept in its plastic bags - always on a shelf at a moderate temperature in a dry, ventilated place.


Unpeeled nuts for 8 months remain fresh in the refrigerator and a year in the freezer. Shelled nuts can be stored for 3 months, but not in cellophane - the package must pass air, otherwise the nuts will be covered with mold.

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Both the open pack and the closed one can lie quietly for more than 2 years, especially at low temperatures. The pasta that you have already begun to use is best poured into a plastic or glass jar with a lid.


Shelf life is one year, but it needs to be sieved from time to time. The flour is best stored in linen bags.


As you know, buckwheat was the first to disappear from the shelves - people rushed to buy it on an industrial scale. But each cereal has its own storage characteristics. The shelf life of buckwheat before it tastes bad is 18 months, millet - four months, oatmeal - 5 months, semolina - 14 months. But white rice can last two years, while brown rice can last one and a half. If your task is to keep the cereals tasty as long as possible, store them in the refrigerator.

Canned food

If home-made products are stored for no more than a year, then store ones can last 2-3 years without changes, and this also applies to canned meat and vegetable. The main condition is a dry and dark place.

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Almost immortal product that is only afraid of moisture.


Coarse leaf will last up to 2 years, and in bags - a year and a half.

Have you made supplies for quarantine?

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