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Wash or discard: users of social networks argue over pillows


Source: Rambler

The network is a fierce dispute about how often it is necessary to wash the pillows. The dispute began the user of the site Mumsnet under the nickname StrawberrySundance. She said that for a couple of years she had been suffering due to stains on her face of unknown origin.

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The woman tried to get rid of stains with different creams, drank a lot of water, and regularly washed pillowcases. And then I remembered that I hadn’t washed the pillow for more than 10 for years, writes Rambler.

When she confessed this to her partner, he accused her of slovenliness. Then the woman asked the users of the site with a question, and many of them answered her that they also did not wash the pillows. However, many joined the man in condemning the "slut".

“I can’t imagine how you can sleep on a pillow for ten years and not wash it. In a dream, people sweat, give out saliva, and all this penetrates through a pillowcase, ”the user KingMidasAteMidges explained her position.

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Another user wrote that she washes pillows at least once a year.

“I wash them once a year or when strong dirt gets on them. I usually do this in the summer so that I can dry them on the street, ”she said.

On the other hand, the users of the site agreed that the pillows lose their shape and generally deteriorate from washing. Some housewives go the simple (but expensive) way and simply throw out old pillows every six months and buy new ones. However, this approach, considered by other users, allows manufacturers to save on the quality of pillows.

"It is not surprising that the planet is in such a bad state if someone throws out pillows every six months," said one of the site users.

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While a firm opinion on how often to wash the pillows, the network has not developed. However, the majority agreed that this should be done more often than once in 10 years.

How often do you wash your pillows?

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