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The older brother taught the younger one to get out of the crib. VIDEO


Source: Honey

On the YouTube-channel Daily bumps published a funny video about two brothers. Parents with the help of cameras installed in the children's room could observe the ingenuity of their babies.

The older brother helped the younger one get out of the crib. Photo: screenshot from video

In particular, to observe how the elder brother decided to help the younger get out of the crib.

A boy named Ollie showed ingenuity. First he, not without difficulty, threw a highchair into the crib, then he climbed over to a brother named Finn and showed him how to stand on a chair in order to climb.

“Come on Finn, you can! Jump to me! ”, Ollie encouraged his brother in every possible way.

What came of it, you can look at the video.

We add that the movie scored over 370 thousands of views on YouTube, even more on social media. Internet users in the comments began to tell their stories of the "escape" of babies from cribs.

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