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'Senile': Pugacheva and Vaikule were outraged by ridiculous behavior. VIDEO


Source: Obozrevatel

Russian singer Alla Pugacheva ran into criticism on the net because of a video posted by her colleague and girlfriend Laima Vaikule.

So, in the video, Pugacheva, together with her Latvian colleague Laima Vaikule, jokingly called themselves “ladies from the dunes,” writes Obozrevatel... The ladies tried to joke on the topic of social networks and play with words by recording their “number” on video. It turned out, judging by the reaction of the public, not very well.

The network reacted negatively to the video. To many fans of artists, this behavior seemed incorrect.

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“It all looks ridiculous somehow”, “They would have shown their cowards to everyone. All of us will one day fall into childhood. It's sad ”,“ Some kind of marasmic humor ”,“ It seems like adult aunts ”,“ As the saying goes, wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone, unfortunately, ”they write on the Internet.

Earlier, the prima donna of the Russian stage Alla Pugacheva and her friend, singer Laima Vaikule had a lot of fun with alcohol after “Rendezvous” in Jurmala.

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