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51 years later, another message from the most famous US maniac was decoded


Source: New Time

A team of experts from three countries decoded the second of four cryptograms sent by the American serial killer known as the Zodiac to local newspapers more than half a century ago. New time.

The sign with which the maniac signed his letters. Photo: Shutterstock

The cipher was received by the editors in November 1969 and has been studied by cryptography experts ever since. On December 11, 2020, specialist David Oranchak finally submitted the text of a letter sent by the killer to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“I hope you are having fun trying to catch me. I am not afraid of the gas chamber, because it will send me to heaven even faster, because now I already have enough slaves who will serve me, ”the British newspaper The Guardian quotes the text of the maniac's message.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed the information that the code was decrypted, but noted that it will do little to help law enforcement officers who have been trying to find the killer for several decades.

The FBI has assured that the investigation into the Zodiac case continues.

“The Zodiac Killer terrorized several communities in Northern California. And even after decades have passed, we continue to seek justice for the victims of these atrocious crimes, ”said Bureau Speaker Cameron Polan.

According to a British newspaper, the decrypted cryptogram is the second of four. The first code sent by the killer was unraveled almost immediately by a local married couple. It was also uninformative and said, "I love to kill because it's so much fun."

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Serial killer Zodiac is one of the most mysterious criminals in history. He operated in the late 1960s in Northern California and San Francisco, and his identity has not yet been established.

The zodiac has been linked to five murders in the San Francisco Bay Area, with two other victims escaping. The maniac himself claimed that the number of people he killed reaches 37.

The killer began contacting newspapers in 1969, sending out his codes and threatening more killings if they did not publish them. The maniac invented the nickname Zodiac himself. There are four cryptograms in total - the killer claimed that one of them would reveal his identity.

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