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Video cooking jelly sweets shocked Internet users


Source: Huffingtonpost

If you are a fan of jelly bears, worms and peach ringlets - we strongly recommend that you stop using them. Since the composition of these delicacies and the method of their manufacture can seriously damage your health, writes Huffingtonpost.

The main raw material for these sweets is gelatin, which is extracted from the skin and bones of animals. But even knowing what gelatin is, you may not be ready for how it is produced. Belgian filmmaker Alina Knipkens directed a horror short film. The plot of the film is a dark truth about how many jelly candies are made. In Knipkens' film, all of the footage goes backwards, from the finished candy to the moment the raw material is mined.

Over eten - De weg van een snoepje from A on Vimeo.

Alina's clip is only one of a series of videos illustrating the production of what we eat. Manufacturers claim that chewing sweets are harmless, as they are low-calorie, but do not forget that they contain sugar or its substitutes.
In addition, almost all jelly candies are multi-colored, which means dyes are added to them. And not always food dyes are harmless. For substantial economy in production, natural pectin in the composition of sweets is replaced with artificial. And its production has several stages and includes the addition of various acids and chemicals.
In order for candies to be smooth, shiny and not stick to the hands - they add a mixture of wax and fat, whereas in the jelly candies on a natural basis only vegetable wax is added, which is harmless.
If you don’t completely abandon the gelatin bears, try to find sweets that make Agar (agar-agar) from the gelatin substitute - algae. Agar is also used to make popular Raindrop cakes that took the US by storm earlier this year.

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