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Saved the holiday: the pastry chef "revived" the destroyed wedding cake


Source: Mirror

Claire Waz, a pastry chef from Brixham, became famous all over the Internet for restoring an almost completely destroyed wedding cake, says Mirror.

Preparing for a wedding is always a complicated process where you need to take into account the mass of details. Every participant and organizer of the holiday wants everything to go off without a hitch. It is impossible to imagine a wedding without a fancy cake that is solemnly cut and the bride and groom try. This is not just a treat, but also a symbol of the holiday, and a memory for life. What to do if the wedding cake is spoiled?


The pre-cooked three-tiered cake almost completely crashed during transportation to the place where the wedding was celebrated, which the young people decided to carry out a few hundred kilometers from home. There was no question of baking a new one - the preparation of such a meal takes several hours. Particularly offensive was the fact that the cake was baked by the bride with her own hands, so the celebration itself was under serious threat.


The local pastry chef Claire Vaz, who was asked to save the situation, was instantly guided: she took a taxi home, picked up tools and special models, called for helpers and literally jiggled a fairly crooked cake, giving it an originally planned look. Fortunately, the new cake safely reached the venue of the celebration - this time Claire drove it himself. The holiday was saved, although the taste of the cake had to be sacrificed.

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