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'Thank you for not socks!': Than Megan and Harry congratulated each other on their wedding anniversary


Source: Spletnik

The duke went along the beaten path and repeated with a gift, and Megan allegedly presented him with a do-it-yourself surprise, writes Spletnik.

Screenshot: BBC / YouTube

May 19, 38-year-old Meghan Markle and 35-year-old Prince Harry celebrated the second anniversary of their wedding, and this holiday turned out to be chamber. While in their new home in Los Angeles, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex canceled all business calls and video chats. And, as always, insiders from the environment of the couple did not leave the press without the details of that special day.

Megan made a postcard for Harry and wrote a beautiful and sentimental text by hand, expressing her love with words. And Harry surprised her with a huge bouquet of roses and a ring, told a source from the environment of the spouses about their gifts to each other on the second wedding anniversary.

Social media users were surprised by such "banal" gift ideas.

“He has a ring for her, and she means a postcard to him)))))) Garrick, say thank you for not wearing socks.

“We were taught in kindergarten: the best gift is one that is made with our own hands!”

“Oh, surprised, a bouquet and a ring, what non-standard approach did she not expect at all? Now, if he gave her a bucket of chukhoni or a cream for faded skin, or grandmother's fur collar from an old coat, it would be a surprise. And so no fantasy. "

On the subject: 'Feels useless in the USA': Harry asked Megan to return to the UK

This year, the couple first celebrated this family date away from England: a few months ago, the duke and duchess decided to abandon the duties of senior members of the royal family and move to the United States.

The most important thing for them was that they were able to enjoy each other’s company without any outside interference, told the insider about the new life of the couple.

And while Megan and Harry celebrated the second anniversary of the marriage without guests, almost two billion people around the world watched the broadcast of their wedding two years ago. At the wedding in the chapel of St. George in Windsor Castle was attended by about 600 people.

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