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The creator of the miracle swab earned 3 billion and debunked the success myth


Source: CNBC

The inventor of the famous self-depressing Miracle Mop, a real discovery for housewives around the world, 59-year-old Joy Mangano sold her products worth more than 3 billion dollars, even without dismissing her main job, says CNBC.


Since childhood, Joy liked to invent unusual things, she loved to sculpt, make origami and sculptures, draw. As a teenager, she invented the glowing collar, which allowed to see the dog in the dark. Then she had no money for the realization of the idea, and a year later another company created the same collar. But Joy did not despair. Already as an adult, she raised three children, without giving up work, and in her free time developing a mop model Miracle Mop.


In his new book, Joy's Invention (Inventing Joy, can also be translated as “inventing joy”) Mangano says that one of the biggest mistakes people make in their careers is believing that in order to realize a dream, you have to risk everything. For example, selling a house or taking a huge loan, quitting your job and taking serious risks.


Mangano's journey to her dream spans decades. Before getting an offer to appear on television in 1992 with a magic mop, she tried to sell her product in stores, but was refused - and then sold it in parking lots near shopping centers. In addition to the mop, Joy invented a whole series of home-made products, which are still being sold successfully.

In 2016, the movie "Joy" was released, in which Jennifer Lawrence played the main role. The film is dedicated to the fate of Mangano and her difficult path to huge income and worldwide fame. Lawrence received a Golden Globe for this role.


“There are ways to make hope a reality without risking everything,” says Mangano. “We don't need to do something reckless to get started. You have to believe in yourself and take the first small step. "

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