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Modern Cinderella, how wives of famous Russian oligarchs live


Source: Lady Mail.Ru

Marrying a billionaire is the dream of many girls. To be rich, dress in expensive brands, wear diamonds, live in luxurious mansions, and relax in the most elite resorts.

8 June, one of the most famous elects of the oligarchs, Roman Abramovich’s companion, Dasha Zhukova, turned 36. On this occasion, the portal Lady Mail.Ru I decided to tell about the beloved Russian billionaire women.

Polina Deripaska, 37 years

Husband - Oleg Deripaska, 49 years, the owner of the company "Basic Element", the state - 5,1 billion dollars.

The daughter of ex-adviser Boris Yeltsin, the chairman of the board of directors of the Forward Media Group publishing house and the mother of two children are not particularly fond of social events - although with her friends Roman Abramovich and Darya Zhukova sometimes she goes to exhibitions in the Garage and to Bogomolov’s performances at the Gogol Center, even if trying to look as modest and inconspicuous as possible.

Polina, who played tennis in her youth together with Anastasia Myskina and Elena Dementieva, does not lead the social network, does not give interviews and does not act for the gloss - the only exception was the 2013 conversation of the year with SNC. In that interview, Deripaska admitted that she “fell in love at first sight” with her husband, whose marriage took place more than 15 years ago, and then rumors about a possible couple divorce (Polina and Oleg didn’t appear in public together) refused to comment. “I don’t want to talk publicly about my relationship with him,” said Deripaska.

Daria Zhukova, 36 years

Beloved - Roman Abramovich, 50 years, the owner of London "Chelsea", the former owner of "Sibneft", the state - 8,7 billion dollars.

The designer and head of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art met Abramovich in Barcelona's 2005, when the English football club Chelsea, bought by a Russian billionaire, played there. Dasha was born in a wealthy family, lived in London and, according to rumors, met with tennis player Marat Safin, but her relationship with Roman brought real fame.

The couple brings up two children, often appears together on secular parties and gets into the lenses of the paparazzi while traveling around the world. In one of the interviews, Dasha said that she and Roman had been married for a long time, but later she did not confirm this information - in general, the couple’s exact marital status remains a mystery.

Lisa Adamenko, 18 years

Husband - Valentin Ivanov, 55 years old, former top manager of Lukoil.

The wedding of a young model and entrepreneur took place in 2016, and made a lot of noise: the media avidly wrote that Ivanov had been having an affair with a minor Adamenko for many years. At first, she fought back from the critics of her marriage, one by one laying out in Instagram posts illustrating her luxurious life (seas and oceans, luxurious gifts, “happy” selfies), in which she claimed that she and her husband were ill with ill-wishers, everything is good, and indeed, in fact, he’s not 55 years old, but less.

Already in March, 2017-th Lisa, however, suddenly accused the oligarch of domestic violence and, if you believe the domestic tabloids, left her husband. Since then, the previous page of Lisa Instagram unavailable, but, judging by the new, the girl is actively pursuing a model career.

Christina Romanova, 23 of the year

Beloved - Vladislav Doronin, 54 of the year, co-owner of Capital Group, the state - 220 million dollars.

Instagram Kristina is filled with selfies, advertising shots (a girl works as a model), photos from hotels, beaches and gyms. There are also pictures with her lover (recently, judging by the girl’s blog, the couple, for example, conquered the canyons of Arizona), but it’s difficult to find a photo of the child Romanova and Doronin on the page - although it is known that Romanova gave birth to 2016.

Whether the model and the oligarch are married is unclear, but, according to media reports, the young model Naomi Campbell has already presented the little ring to the ex-boyfriend.

Ida Kekhman, 38 years

Husband - Vladimir Kekhman, 49 years, ex-director of the Mikhailovsky Theater, director of the Novosibirsk State Opera and Ballet Theater, founder of the company JFC, which was declared bankrupt in 2012.

Practically, Kekhman is no longer a billionaire: in 2016, he was declared bankrupt. But we could not include his wife in our selection - she is very prominent socialite! For Ida, this marriage is already the third: her former husbands were the famous restaurateur Alexey Kiselyov and the ex-president of the Central Partnership company Mark Lolo.

With the director of the Novosibirsk Theater, the woman seems to be serious: the couple got married in a church. According to the press, in April 2017 was born in the family of a child, but Ida did not officially confirm this information. AT Instagram Kekhman - a lot of theater and travel.

Katharina Konks, 35 years

Husband - Dmitry Konov, 46 years, chairman of the company "Sibur", the state - 5,5 million dollars.

According to rumors, the couple, who got married in Barvikha in 2016, rotated the novel for about ten years. Now the model and the girl Playboy (Katharina adorned the cover of the magazine in 2011) often appears in public with her spouse, with whom she is actively ill at basketball games for his favorite club CSKA. Once, because of his wife Konov, they even stopped the game with Fenerbahce: the CSKA striker's striker almost fell on Katharine, who was sitting at the field, and Dmitry pushed him away, which did not please the Turkish team's fans.

Rina Vosman, 47 years

Husband - Oleg Tinkov, 49 years, the founder of "Tinkoff Bank", a network of shops "Tehnoshok" plants "Daria", a brewing company and a network of restaurants "Tinkoff" and other companies, the state - 1,43 billion dollars.

Estonian Rina met a businessman during her studies at the institute, but only lived together for twenty years, the couple, who now have three children, decided to get married (Tinkov himself says that she simply didn’t have time for the ceremony).

The founder of Tinkoff Bank is periodically divided into Instagram pictures with his wife, Rina herself leads a closed lifestyle and does not appear. Tinkov supports this: in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak on the "Rain", he admitted that he disliked the Moscow social scene.

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