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SOS: what to do after unsuccessful beauty procedures


Source: Peopletalk

Dull hair after coloring? Bad haircut? Brittle nails after extensions? Consider how to eliminate the consequences of beauty failures.

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Cones from fillers

This problem is faced by those who did lip augmentation, correction of cheekbones and bags under the eyes, says Peopletalk. Special solvent preparations will help to remove the formed "balls". For example, hyaluronidase enzyme injections are good. True, this procedure has a number of prohibitions and contraindications: intolerance to the components of the drug, the presence of hematomas in the area of ​​correction, a tendency to allergic reactions. First, you will have to carry out the darsonvalization procedure, which improves blood and lymph microcirculation.

Weak hair after bleaching

Sometimes the desire to become a spectacular blonde turns into a real disaster. Bleaching makes hair brittle, porous and dull. Biolamination, glazing and keratin help you. The principle of operation of these procedures is the same: each hair is covered with a special compound for complex treatment from the inside. As a result, the hair becomes shiny, docile and resilient. By the way, the effect of such procedures lasts from one to three months.

Blurred shadows after tattooing and microblading eyebrows

A laser will help get rid of an unsuccessful or boring tattoo. This is one of the most effective (but also the most expensive) methods. It will take five to eight sessions to completely remove the pigment. The time of one procedure is an average of five minutes. The effect will not be instantaneous, it will be necessary to wait a few days until the damaged cells with pigment exfoliate and the skin in the treated area becomes lighter. The procedures should be repeated once every one and a half to two months - each time the tattoo will become less saturated and noticeable.

Dry hair after chemistry

The aggressive effects of chemical compounds turns hair into tough and unruly straw. What to do? Try the biorevitalization procedure. This is an injection technique, which, let's say right away, is not the most pleasant, but effective. You need to do a course from 5 to 10 sessions.

Fragile and thin nails after extension

Fresh manicure all day all night is, of course, good. And the gels do an excellent job of providing long-lasting coverage for several weeks. However, the chemical compounds in their composition, as a rule, do not spare the nail plate, making it thinner and more fragile. So, do not forget to do restorative care from time to time. Especially good is the nail sealing procedure, during which the master rubs vitamin-rich wax into the nail to strengthen and fill the resulting cracks. Then they are polished, as a result of which shiny and healthy nails are ready.

Burn after peeling

Do not panic! The effects of peeling in the form of a burn are certainly scary, but everything is fixable. To get rid of the unpleasant sensations and speed up the recovery of the skin, it is necessary two or three times a day to apply a moisturizer or foam to the burned area, which include panthenol. This component reduces inflammation and has an antimicrobial effect. In addition, it is necessary to limit the interaction of the person with water and soap, means based on retinol and acids.

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