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Sleep naked helps reduce weight and increase fertility


Source: Daily Mail

Scientists have found that sleeping without clothes is not only comfortable, but also good for health. It is especially useful for women to give up nightgowns and pajamas, because the risk of thrush and other sexual infections is reduced. In addition, women who prefer to sleep naked are better at shedding extra pounds.

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According to Dr. Sarah Brewer, which is published in Daily Mail, The main problem of sleeping in clothes is overheating. When a person is hot, the body produces an excess of the hormone cortisone, which is responsible for appetite. In addition, excessive heat during sleep has a very negative effect on fertility. Overheating can affect testosterone production during sleep. As for fungi, women who prefer to sleep in pajamas have an increased risk of thrush, because the fungus loves heat and moisture, and women who are dressed sweat during sleep.

In addition, hardly anyone will object that sleeping naked has a positive effect on the attitude of partners. The sight and feeling of bare skin increases arousal, and light touches during sleep on a naked body give a person the feeling that he loves and is loved.

Previously, doctors have already focused the attention of the spouses on how useful sleep is in a cool room: it is recommended to maintain the air temperature at night at 18-24 degrees. Cool, fresh, humidified air in the bedroom prolongs the deep sleep phase, and a person will not feel tired in the morning.

Scientists The American Cancer Society found that sleeping less than 5 hours a night doubles the risk of developing prostate cancer in men. In addition, they have shown that men under the age of 2 who sleep less than 65 hours a night have up to 7% increased risk of developing diseases that are difficult to treat.

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