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Salt lamps: what is it and is it good for them


Source: Delfi Decor

These small pink salt lamps have recently become very popular. You've probably seen them appear in local decor stores and yoga studios. Delfi Decor with PureWow decided to figure out why they are still needed.

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First of all, what is it all about - salt lamps?

In the literal sense, these are crystallized pieces of pink salt from the Himalayan mountains (usually from Pakistan) with a hole hollowed out in the middle so that an incandescent bulb or candle can be placed there.

What are they doing?

They ... glow. Demonstrate boho décor and may wonder if you are going into spiritual practice for your guests. But most importantly, they say, they help your body to heal in every possible way: improve sleep, increase serotonin levels (a “happy” chemical in the brain), and reduce coughs and asthma symptoms.

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And is science behind it?

Technically, yes. First, they are said to purify the air. As a rule, water goes where the salt is, so it would be wise if these rock salt lamps attract water vapor while taking away dust and mold from the air. Secondly, it is argued that they contain negative ions (which is reasonable, because this is a piece of a mountain). Our heavy use of electronics produces positive ions, and negative ions are rumored to counterbalance this, creating soothing energy.

How do these lamps work?

To sum up: to clean the air and get tons of negative ions (for a noticeable difference), it would take a lot of salt. Microdose, which issue these lamps, hardly have a significant effect, but this does not mean that it is impossible.

So is it worth using salt lamps?

If you look at them in terms of decor and at least a tiny health benefit, then why not?

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