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Combine the incongruous: 15 inconceivable American culinary oddities



Many have heard more than once about glasses full of ice, three-liter bottles of wine and other oddities in American culture that Americans themselves do not even notice. Bigpicture invites you to learn about sophisticated dishes and food combinations, many of which can easily shock any "our" person.

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1. Potatoes

Let's start with potatoes, dear and close to our hearts. Not only do the Americans never peel it before cooking, believing that all the most valuable and useful is hiding in the peel, so they went even further and came up with a separate dish for themselves, which is called potato skins (or "potato skins ").

If you nevertheless managed to find peeled potatoes in America, know that, most likely, they got it from a tin can.

2. "Ants on a log"

This creative installation features celery with peanut butter and raisins. It is considered a healthy and nutritious snack especially popular with children.

3. Coffee

Americans are not satisfied with the taste of coffee. They love coffee that tastes like everything else - caramel, mint, pumpkin, ginger and so on and so forth. Needless to say, you should definitely drink this coffee on the go.

4. Red Velvet Cake

Of course, there is a dessert for coffee. It's just not entirely clear why it should be painted bright red? Especially if it tastes like absolutely nothing red.

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5. The combination of the incongruous

Fried chicken with waffles and honey or maple syrup is perhaps the most popular breakfast in the southern United States. But our man will never understand this ...

Pancakes with bacon and all the same maple syrup are not inferior in popularity to chicken with waffles.

By the way, about bacon - it is sometimes in chocolate.

6. Molten marshmallow

American marshmallow, apparently, is so unsightly that you can use it only after having burned it, preferably over a fire. If you then put it between two cookies along with a chocolate bar, you get S'more - a favorite pastime on hikes.

Well, if it didn't work out with the fire, you can just bake it on top, for example, sweet potatoes. After all, nothing complements tasty and healthy vegetables like melted chemical sweetness.

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7. Pizza

Such a seemingly ridiculous combination, like pineapples and ham in Hawaiian pizza, has long become common and does not surprise anyone. But the Americans do not give up and continue their experiments with Italian classics. For example, the Pizza Hut chain has a “pizza” with mini hot dogs around the perimeter.

8. Deep-fried

In America, they love ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING deep-fried. And preferably in batter. For many, delicious food must be crispy. Otherwise not interesting. Size, as you can imagine, also matters.

We bet you never know what can be deep-fried with butter. Deep-fried oil! On a stick. Why? What for? No answer.

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9. Ice cream in soda

This culinary delight is called Root Beer Floats. It is difficult to explain even what Root Beer itself is to those who have never tried it. Oh-oh-very distantly it resembles our kvass. Now imagine that for some reason you threw ice cream into kvass ...

10. Frito Pie

This "dish", which Americans proudly call pie, is Fritos chips with chili and melted cheese on top. Served directly in a bag of chips. That's right, why all these conventions and plates.

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11. Fruit ice

It is not clear why there is ice drizzled with syrup, and why you cannot eat normal ice cream or sorbet instead.

12. Cheese in a spray can

Americans love everything to be easy, simple, fast and convenient. Well, who doesn't love? But “light” cheese in a can is still a bit too much ...

13. Spam

Spam is a distant American relative of our stew. Its origin is quite understandable - during the Second World War, it was necessary to find a cheap alternative to meat. What is surprising is that for unknown reasons, spam has gained immense popularity in Hawaii.

Spam is actively used in traditional Hawaiian cuisine and is used to make all sorts of oddities out of it. For example, sushi. At the same time, using the jar as a mold.

14. Peanut Butter Jam Sandwich

An absolute classic of American cuisine, little understood by someone else. Why make sweets even sweeter?

15. "Indutkuritsa"

We deliberately left this apotheosis of American culinary "for sweet". Turducken, which is the name of this dish, consists of three words, they are also the main ingredients: turkey (turkey), duck (duck) and chicken (chicken). In order to prepare this masterpiece, you need to shove the chicken into the duck, which, in turn, must be shoved into the turkey. As well as, most importantly, why they do it, we are afraid to even imagine.

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