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Take it off immediately: accessories that make your look cheap


Source: SM News

Accessories are an essential highlight of any look. Every lady should know about which accessories will emphasize the style, and which can instantly make the image cheap, writes SM News.

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Poor quality glasses with mirrored lenses

The cheap glitter that gleams from mirrored glasses made of low-quality material can simplify any look. Therefore, if you have a little money to buy sunglasses, look for a decent alternative.

Cheap plastic

If you have a choice - plastic jewelry, or nothing, then give preference to the second option. They look too simple and cheap, and others may think that a lady with the help of such accessories seeks to look younger.

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Eye-catching belt buckle

Belts with a noticeable buckle were popular 20 years ago, but now such an accessory is considered obsolete and indicates a lack of taste in its owner. Therefore, if you have a belt with a large buckle in your wardrobe, get rid of it immediately.

Huge bag

A huge bag, in which, if desired, you can put a medium dog, looks tasteless on any woman. Therefore, you should not buy them for everyday wear.

Tassel keychain

Tassels, key chains, badges and pompoms are the real passion of many schoolgirls. These accessories may look really cute, but on a grown woman's bag they look ridiculous and just ridiculous.

Velor hair tie

Velor has long been out of date, so you should give up any things made from this material. Accessories are no exception.

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Hairpins with pearls

Just a year ago, a pearl hairpin was considered a very fashionable accessory. Many owners of long hair have a pearl hairpin or a cheap analogue from Chinese online stores. That is why you should abandon this accessory, because they no longer surprise anyone.

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