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'They look like I'm missing': Jennifer Aniston told how she is condemned for the lack of children


Source: StarHit

The actress reloaded her career, starring in the super popular series “Morning Show”. At the same time, her creative successes are of little concern to journalists: everyone is only interested in when the star becomes a mother and marries, writes "StarHit".

Jennifer Aniston’s career can only be envied: she starred in the famous series “Friends”, was a winner of major awards, was married to Brad Pitt, and earned several tens of millions of dollars. And yet she is still called the "main sufferer of Hollywood."

People still wonder why the actress was not able to build personal happiness and did not become a mother. Aniston has become accustomed to these, in her opinion, tactless issues, but admits that she herself periodically reflects on this topic.

“I have always, frankly, been scared by the prospect of becoming a mother. It happens. Some women are created to be wives and mothers. That’s their purpose, and I still don’t know if such a seemingly natural desire will ever come to me, ”says Jennifer.

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The star of “Friends” even at the age of 50 does not exclude that she will have a baby - perhaps this will happen in a natural way, or maybe she will take advantage of new techniques and the help of doctors. According to the artist, it is high time to stop judging women through the prism of marriage and the presence of her children. For example, she never dreamed of a wedding, a handsome prince and a wedding dress. And when she was first made a marriage proposal, the actress experienced a “strange feeling”.

“As if I heard something in a foreign language,” the diva recalls.

Aniston is still angry that most often she is asked not about a new role or project, but about her personal and family status, hinting at a recent divorce.

“All my achievements in other areas are completely nullified. As if something was wrong with me, since I still could not produce offspring. Or even worse - they look at me like I'm a lost woman, ”Jennifer emphasized.

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Despite all the problems in life, the artist considers herself a happy person. For the first time, this awareness came to her when she left her parental home and began working in a roadside cafe. Over the years, the feeling only intensified, and now the star is in perfect harmony with himself.

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