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Media: Orbakayte may be the biological mother of children Pugacheva and Galkin


Source: Facts

Talking about who is the donor of eggs for the celestial couple Alla Borisovna and Maxim Galkin, not the first year excite the imagination of network users.


The reason for this was doubts about the truthfulness of confessions of Alla Pugacheva, who told how in 46 years she tried to get pregnant using the IVF procedure, as a result of which she had extra eggs, which she decided to freeze, in case they are useful to her in the future. write Facts.

All these years, starting with 1996, they were kept frozen, and in 2012 they were allegedly used safely.

This is certainly quite convenient, only not quite plausible, since freezing of eggs began to be practiced only about 7 years ago, and for more than a 15-year period of freezing, the eggs could lose all their properties necessary for conception, VladTime writes.

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“In this connection a quite reasonable question appears: who became the donor instead of Alla Borisovna? The only plausible and adequate option in this situation is Christina Orbakaite - the daughter of the famous Prima Donna, ”the author writes.


Such an outcome of events is quite probable, because after 2012, the relationship between mother and daughter became especially trusting. In addition, many of the entourage of the family of Alla Borisovna noted how little Lizionka resembled Christina. Even suspicious, because it is like a small copy of Orbakaite. And although it is quite likely, they are close relatives, but the girl is almost not like Alla Borisovna, if you compare her with Christina.

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Therefore, the author of the material concludes that, most likely, her own daughter was the donor of Pugacheva. And even more, it can be assumed that the egg for mommy could be Christina's last hope in order to establish a slightly strained relationship with Alla Borisovna. After all, Christina spent her childhood practically without a mother, while she spent most of her time on tour, literally leaving the child to the will of fate.

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